Why uDroppy is different from Oberlo and Dropified and why you should use it instead

Luca Borreani
Feb 11 · 5 min read

Creating a business from scratch, becoming your own boss and entering the e-commerce sector can be stressful and confusing.

I totally understand it.

You probably spend hours everyday, looking for the right information about e-commerce, dropshipping and which are the best partners that will guide you to success. And I guess that your researches led you to discover uDroppy, Oberlo and Dropified other than Aliexpress, etc.

I already explained why and how uDroppy is better than Aliexpress for Dropshippers and e-commerce Owners in my previous article (you can read it here).

Today, I want to talk you about Oberlo — one of the most popular apps, designed for Shopify, and used by many dropshippers — and Dropified, a further dropshipping app that can work with both Shopify and Woocommerce.

What is Oberlo and how it works

As said before, Oberlo is a dropshipping app created for the Shopify platform that allows dropshippers to import products directly from AliExpress. It is basically an integration between Shopify and Aliexpress.

In just a few minutes it will allow you to import thousands of products to your Shopify store so that you can start selling them right away.

A further service provided by Oberlo is the automated fulfillment of order by automatically load every checkout page on Aliexpress and pasting your customers’ details. This feature makes the process of order fulfillment quicker and easier than copy and pasting manually every single order from your Shopify to Aliexpress.

Unfortunately this process takes a lot of time since you have to process every single order manually. Moreover, being it a non-native integration with Aliexpress it just loses some order which you have to find and fulfill manually.

Moreover, Oberlo includes some serious drawbacks due to its nature:

  • it works exclusively with Shopify stores. This means you have no chance to use other e-commerce platforms or standalone websites;
  • working with Oberlo means working with AliExpress which implies all the related problems. In fact, Oberlo does not take care of sourcing of products or logistic processes. This results in poor quality of products, long shipping times, no tracking numbers meaning a terrible customer experience, lot of refund requests and blocked payment gateways. You can read more about Aliexpress problems here.

The Dropified app and its characteristics

Dropified is a further dropshipping app designed to automate the process of fulfillment of orders making it quicker for dropshippers like you to place orders for customers.

Exactly as Oberlo, Dropified allows you to find products and quickly add them to your store.

There are some differences though:

  • Dropified lets you select and list products from both AliExpress and eBay, while Oberlo just works with AliExpress;
  • You don’t need a Shopify store to work with Dropified. In fact, it currently integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce and CommerceHQ.

I guess it seems more interesting than Oberlo since it gives you more freedom of choice when it comes to the provider of products and the e-commerce platform.

However, since you are buying products from third parties you always have problems connected to the quality of products, shipping times, lack of tracking numbers and so on.

Moreover, at the moment Dropified does not provide any free version of his platform and it is really expensive for beginners and medium level dropshippers.

uDroppy, the ultimate dropshippers’ partner

Summing up, both Oberlo and Dropified are dropshipping apps designed to automate the selection of products from Aliexpress (and eBay in the case of Dropified), to import to your store and to fulfill the orders.

Despite helping you with your business, they are not a complete partner as uDroppy. Working with them you will always have problems with the quality of the products and the logistic processes. This is why we created uDroppy, to give you a full support.

uDroppy is the platform designed to support all e-commerce businesses taking care of sourcing, fulfilling and shipping processes. This means that all the products you will find on the platform are not provided by AliExpress merchants, but arrives directly from the factory. We work at first hand with more than 900 factories providing you with thousands of products to choose among.

Integrating your Shopify store with uDroppy you will be able to import the products on your store with just one simple click. From that moment every time you will receive an order it will automatically be sent to us too, and you will be able to fulfill the totality of your orders with just one click, anytime and anywhere thanks also to the accessibility to our platform through smartphones.

Once fulfilled the orders, we will take care of the shipping, bringing the products to your customers, worldwide, in less than 12 days (weekends included). For certain top tier countries we manage to have a 4–6 days delivery.

Thanks to our support you won’t have to worry about anything, because we will provide you all the tracking numbers, the invoices and, above all, the time to focus on what is most important: marketing.

And if you think that this is still not enough, we have more for you!

When you join uDroppy you are assigned an e-commerce manager, namely an e-commerce expert that will support you during your whole adventure with us, helping you scale your business and become one of the best digital entrepreneurs on the market.

Our e-commerce managers are at your complete disposal, sourcing new products for you, checking the status of your orders and helping you solve any issues you may have to face.

You want to know what is the best part? That everything’s free! You don’t have to pay any monthly subscription or extra fee for our services.


Now you have all the information to choose wisely your future dropshipping partner.

Having a willing, trustable, competent ally means allowing yourself all the time and the help to take your business to the next level. This is why we designed a platform able to take care of all the most complex processes of dropshipping and e-commerce businesses.

Keep up to date and follow all the news about e-commerce. You just have to follow the uDroppy publication (below) and me. I am always happy to share with you valuable information!

uDroppy aims to become the number one trusted partner of drop-shippers. We believe in changing the status quo, by simplifying the way drop-shippers run their operations. It happens our clients have the highest ROI. Wanna try?

Luca Borreani

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