Marketing with A-Political Activism? — Really?

Many brands clearly feel the urge to engage in oft heated eco-socio-cultural discussion going on, right now. They even put on an activist look, feel and/or tone. Just look at the billboards Shinola has put up on Times Square in New York or watch those Oscar break ads by Audi, Budweiser, Cadillac, etc. again.. On the other hand, most of these brands want to stay out of the related political debate. Cadillac clearly said so in their PR statement. — Who can blame them. Politics are messy and polarizing. But can this ‘Yes, But’ marketing strategy really work to ad deeper relevance to these brands? It seems to us that there is a class of truly committed ‘Ueber-Brands’ that want to create ‘meaning beyond the material’ and then those that look like they do — without running too much risk. We interviewed and studied brands like Shinola, Patagonia and others. Listen to some of the interviews and/or read the cases and let us know if you hear, see, feel a difference and whether it makes a difference to you.

Interview with Shinola CMO:
Interview with Patagonia Director of Philosophy:

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