I guess it’s always best to start at the beginning. And the beginning of this particular story is Ueno, a digital agency that creates things for companies (that’s not the formal description but you get the idea, hopefully). I started Ueno just over three years ago and from day one it’s been financially succesful.

There was hard work involved, but then again, a lot of people work hard, much harder than me and almost all of those people never reap what they sow. So what do you call that?

I think you call it priviledge, right?

So, maybe Ueno isn’t the beginning. Maybe the beginning is that I was lucky enough to grow up in Iceland, a country that has free schools and free healthcare. And so, while my parents weren’t rich, I never wanted for anything. I got love and understanding, help and guidance, everything I needed.

I got to live in a society that was peaceful, where I could do pretty much anything I wanted, where my countless mistakes didn’t derail my life in any meaningful way. Where I had a social safety net that allowed me countless chances to try new things, explore new options and fail over and over again. And on top of all of that I was born white, I was born a man.

Compare that to most of the world and I think it’s obvious that my starting point was pretty close to the finish line with most of the rest of the world somewhere far behind me. That doesn’t seem fair, does it?

No it doesn’t.

In a fair world, our shared institutions would educate everyone, heal everyone, and help everyone that needed temporary or permanent assistance. In a fair world we would all have the same safety net, the same opportunities and get the same breaks when we fuck up.

Unfortunately this is not a fair world, not even close.

Agreed? Ok. Good.

Where does that leave us? It leaves us with me writing this post about Bueno, a organization we set up that helps amazing people do amazing things.

Amazing people that in a fair world wouldn’t need our help.

Like the amazing people of Planned Parenthood and JOIN and Code2040 and the Techies Project, Frumbj0rg, Heroine, La Cocina, Creative Mornings, AlterConf, and even the idiots at Design Details.

And lastly it leaves us with me telling you that we are launching a website (yay internet!) called Bueno.co, a place where you can learn a bit more about Bueno and the projects we sponsor as well as giving you a way to contact us if you have ideas on projects or initiatives we should get involved in in some way.

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