Everything you never wanted to know about Ueno.

AKA the Ueno Newsletter is here.

Like most people, I think the company I work at is fascinating. And like most people, I don’t think other people’s companies are as interesting as my company.

The only difference is, Ueno is in fact interesting, whereas most other companies are not. QED.

And since we are super interesting, we decided to make it easier for you to get all your Ueno news delivered straight to your inbox. As if by magic.

This is a fairly new concept, so let me explain how it works:

  1. You sign up for our “Newsletter” (a word we coined). You can do so by clicking on this “link” (another word we coined).
  2. We will then send you “News” (you guessed it, coined!) to your e-mail inbox. This will happen every 14 days or so.
  3. That’s it, that’s all the things.

Magic, right!

So, what will be in this “Newsletter”? Well, that’s the thing, it will be a “News” about Ueno. Like what I hear you ask. Like, mind-your-business, that’s what. Just sign up.

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