We want to see you at Epicurrence Montues so much that we’ll sponsor your trip

Are you a designer or developer who’d like to go to Epicurrence Montues this year? We’re sponsoring it, and we’d like to fund one of you to attend.

What’s Epicurrence Montues? 
It’s “two full epic days of snowboarding, skiing, design, development, inspiration, collaboration, relationships and adventure”. It takes place at Lake Tahoe, from March 6th to 9th.

Why apply?
Because it’s a good event in a unique setting. You’ll meet a bunch of interesting designers and developers, and do fun stuff with them. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s Dann Petty with 10 reasons why you should go.

When do I need to apply?
Before midnight PST on February 26th.

What’s UENO funding, exactly?
Ticket to the event + Airbnb + Flight within the US.

Anything else?
Yes, we strongly encourage applications from people who wouldn’t usually go to these things.

How do I apply?
Send an email to hi@ueno.co with Montues in the subject line. Tell us who you are and why we should fund you (in 200 words or less). Include your Twitter handle, if you have one.

When will I know if I get it?
We’ll post your name on Twitter on Monday February 29th.

Update: We found the perfect person. Read all about it.

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