ueno dot design

I like things that are well designed. Probably not a shocking statement from someone who pretends to be a designer.

But it’s true. I like well designed things. All sorts. I like a nice looking website, a cleverly built product, a nicely designed pot, chair, building, logo, car, tattoo, anything really.

And in my day to day wandering around the internet I see a lot of nice things. And then I forget where I saw them and they are just gone.

So I wanted to have a place where I could collect them. And share them with other people. And let my fellow Uenos add things and so on. And so we created this thing where we could do just that. We call it ueno.design. It’s a place. On the internet. With photos. And each photo has a link. Completely genius, right?!

Now, you might say, “That’s cool, but have you seen this thing called Pinterest? Or Tumblr? Or you know, a billion other products you can use?” And I would say, “You are right, it is cool!” And you would say something clever I bet, but at this point in the conversation I’ve stopped listening to you. I’m back at my computer posting to ueno.design because it’s so great.

To coin a phrase, it’s the quintessential Easy D!

We’ve only had it up and running for a few days now. But there’s a bunch of nice stuff in there already. For example, we’ve got some cool furniture, like this couch:

Isn’t that an amazing couch? I mean, c’mon! (we actually liked it so much that we bought one of those for our NYC office) Oh, and we’ve also added a lot of the other furniture we have in our offices to the “Furniture” section of the site. You should check that out here.

Ok that’s it. Basically, it’s the internet, but just the nice bits.

Go explore: https://ueno.design