Ueno LA Dribbble meetup

June 5th, 7pm in El Segundo, CA.

So, we have this office in LA. And it’s quite nice. And it just so happens that two of our SF people (Jenny + Robbin) are going to be in LA to talk at the Awwwards conference. Plus, we use this Dribbble thing quite a bit.

We mixed all these things together and figured it would be a smart idea (we’re super smart people you know) to do our first Dribbble meetup in LA. So that’s why I’m writing this. To tell you about that Dribbble thing. In LA. It will be in El Segundo on Monday, June 5th. 7pm. Yeah.

That’s kind of it really. There will be drinks and snacks and such. Someone from our team will be there to give a short presentation. But mostly it will just be a meet and greet. Chat and that. Talk and walk. Etc.

If you are interested, you should signup quickly. At the time of writing there are only about 40 tickets left. So probably a good idea to grab one now. It’s free after all. You can’t beat that price.

Also, we just launched a newsletter. If you want inside info on Ueno events and access to all our secrets you should signup.

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