Ueno’s Culture Values

Get ready for some hyperbolic words and nice pictures

Here’s the thing. As Ueno has gone from one bearded guy in his living room to more than 50 people of 20 nationalities in four offices with real tables and chairs, we’ve started thinking about how we can keep being ourselves, even as we grow and change.

That’s where our six brand new Culture Values™ come in. Carefully constructed by a crack team of Prussian scientists over a period of several months.

So scroll down. Maybe you’ll find something useful there too.

1. We’re all in this together

We are diverse, empathetic and open minded. We understand that people have different backgrounds and goals, but we are all trying to do our best.
We debate, we disagree, but we are are always fair. We listen, ask questions and respect different points of view (within reason). We build bridges, not walls.
We have bad days. We own our mistakes so we can learn from them to avoid making the same ones again. We forgive ourselves and others and quickly move on.

2. Be raw

We grow together with honesty. But we go further: we are raw. We are open, vulnerable, no-bullshit, straight to the point and ultra transparent.
We welcome critical feedback —we want to know what we can do better.
We don’t talk behind people’s backs, we go to the source, and tell people how we feel and what we think.

3. Figure it out

Life is change. At increasingly faster speeds. We know our success relies on how fast we can adapt and that means doing things we didn’t know we could do.
We go outside of our comfort zone and say yes-we-can, even if we may have no idea how we’ll eventually do it. We’ll figure it out.
We learn fast. We specialize in making things we haven’t made before.
We look at our past selves and can’t believe how much we’ve grown.

4. Nothing here is someone else’s problem

We understand that we have a lot more power over ourselves than others. We are introspective and look for ways to be better individuals.
We pick up the trash we didn’t put down. We are the solution to other people’s problems, even the ones they didn’t know they had.
We know that not everything is about us, and that we succeed when the people around us succeed. We are small, no matter how big we are.

By the way, this one is more or less directly stolen from Facebook. Sorry Mark!

5. Bring the chocolate

We know that no detail is too small. We go beyond and never settle. We surprise and delight, think ahead and give people more than they knew they wanted.
We know there are always ways to make a great thing better, and better, and better.

For more on bringing the chocolate, read this.

6. Life is short, enjoy it

We know life is ridiculous. We will all be dead soon. We are playful. We are stupid in a good way. Foolish in a better way.
We don’t take things personally. We don’t live in the past, we don’t worry too much about the future. We are here, we’re alive, and that’s pretty damn great.

Ok, there you go. That’s us (at least on our good days).

Talk soon!

Special thanks to our friend Meg Robichaud for helping us with these great illustrations. Thanks Meg!

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