We do things for the awards… and cash money.

(to paraphrase Rebel Wilson).

Anyone that says awards don’t matter is lying. Or hasn’t won any. Or both. Screw those people. Awards are great! (except the ones we don’t win).

Actual photo of people winning awards for best laser or something.

We’re in award season and this year Ueno got a total of 11 Webby “nominations”. I put that in quotes because I’m looping in different things to make the number as big as possible.

So, let’s break it down, what did we actually get?

  • We got 4 nominations for work we submitted ourselves
  • Our clients got 2 nominations for work we made with them
  • We got 4 Official Honoree mentions
  • And, last but not least, our fantastic Jenny Johannesson got an individual nomination.

So there you go. Eleven “nominations” it is.

The Webbys have two sides. One is the official award that The Academy (sounds fancy!) votes on and gives out. And then there are the People’s Voice Awards. That’s the one that regular schmoes like you can vote on. And that’s why I’m spending my precious award-worthy-time writing this article.

Simply put I want you to click on the links below. All the links. And then login and vote for us, and only us, nobody else obvs.

Lonely Planet : Travel
Vote here

Lonely Planet : Best use of Photography
Vote here

Ueno.co : Professional Services
Vote here

Jelly : Social
Vote here

Here’s where it gets tricky. Two of our clients are nominated in the same category and we obviously can’t choose between them. So for this one you need to pick one yourself:

Reuters TV : Best Streaming Video
Vote here

Red Bull TV : Best Streaming Video
Vote here

Lastly, you need to give your vote to the great Jerry Johenesnessesson.

Jenny Johannesson : Portfolio
Vote here

And that’s it. If you voted in all the categories you are a great human. If you didn’t, you are a disappointment to your parents.

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