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Fashion in the Metaverse

People first started wearing clothes to keep themselves warm. However, as our culture and society started progressing, it has turned into another source of communication. With clothes we present our financial status, our beliefs, or interests.

This is a great opportunity for the Metaverse to embrace this big element of our culture. The potential in this space was noticed by our Crowdcast guest — Leo Hilse, a CEO & Founder of styleXchange.io — a platform that sells NFT clothes wearable in the Metaverse!

As Leo agrees, it is crucial to give a chance to smaller creators.

That makes so much sense — big companies such as Adidas or Nike have no problem gaining buyers wherever they go. But as we strive for equality in the blockchain world, there must be proper support for smaller creators with big visions.

styleXchange sees the potential in creating a connection between all the Metaverses.

They do not want to limit themselves only to the Sandbox or to Decentraland. They believe that once you buy such a unique piece of clothing, it should be possible for you to use it anywhere you want.

Stylexchange.io has an amazing vision and their NFTs are just too aesthetically pleasing to watch! We believe that this business is going to thrive as the Metaverse hype is going to get bigger and bigger.

If you want to hear more about their business and meet the amazing styleXchange team, you should go and watch our Crowdcast stream (here or down here👇) or check out their website!

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