Three Must-Use UX Designer Tools

A number of responsibilities and tasks are bestowed upon UX designers when they are working on website design and development projects. Processes like the creation of different prototypes, product testing, usage of wireframes, and product search are crucial tasks that must only be carried by expert UX designers.

If you are new to the world of UX design or if you are working on a UX design project for the first time in your life, then you will most-likely experience issues at some stage. The good news is that there are plenty of excellent UX designer tools available in the market that will enable you to easily achieve the desired results that you are after. Some of the best UX designer tools that every designer should use are as follows.


Woopra can be defined as a set of UX analytics tools that gives a crystal-clear idea to UX designers on what functions are working properly and what is not. This is done by employing clear-cut metrics and benchmarks. Several expert UX designers claim that the results delivered by Woopra can be incredibly helpful, as it is capable of determining if the design altering will be effective or not. In addition to that, Woopra even provides a real-time data drive analytics.


SmartLook is one of the best UX design tools available in the market. This fascinating tool can be used for heat mapping and session recordings. With the help of the SmartLook, designers will be able to keep track of their entire user sessions including the entire customer recordings. In addition to that, they will also be able to recognize the pattern of users with the help of clicks, activity, and mouse movements. These data will give you crucial information on how long viewers have stayed on a certain web page, what they have clicked, and a lot more.


Helio is another excellent UX design that has become immensely popular among designers in a short span of time. Helio is actually a visual feedback tool, which can be used to considerably improve the usability of a web page. Designers who are using Helio will be able to gain quick insights on the performance of certain elements such as pictures, forms, and buttons. Apart from that, designers will even be able to quickly identify bugs, errors, and lagged contents with the help of the Helio tool.