Effortless and Reliable IVR

You’ve heard us talk about multimodal experience initiated through app and web entry points and how it brings support into the smartphone era. With that said, we haven’t shined a light on our IVR solution, which many companies view as the starting point for transitioning from their current provider.

Taking a step back, the majority of IVR systems today tend to have a lot of legacy or analog baggage associated with them. This doesn’t exclude some of the newer cloud-based systems, however, that are plagued by reliability issues with uptime, scaling, or reporting.

On the contact center side, these same systems also require downloading programs and adapters that unearth VPN or firewall issues. These outdated tools take a long time to be programmed and commissioned across a high-velocity center, where downtime is one luxury that cannot be afforded. In fact, these companies even sell professional services packages to “ease” the pain of implementation.

Setup fees are just the start of the relationship, quickly followed by charges for CRM adapter, geographical redundancy, and storing/accessing recordings. The process is so unintuitive, it almost seems as if they’re designed to tack on additional setup and modification fees.

Fast forward to now where we crave — and deserve — immediate results. This is a focus at UJET, where we provide an instant configuration tool on our browser-based control panel to update IVR routing and skilling assignments. Agent and admin cloud setup is free of any fees and gets started in seconds. We have no on-premise baggage, downloads, systemwide installs, or IT headaches. This, in turn, enables admins and supervisors alike to swiftly react to traffic surges with a touch of a button all without having to reset any ACD or involve team set up. Our system even highlights the top traffic IVR nodes continually in order to provide the intelligence on which queues might need help.

Sounds too good to be true? It’s actually a result of designing a platform that delights customers, agents and supervisors. Find out more by talking to us!

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