Real-time APIs Bring Support Into The Smartphone Era

Here at UJET, we have a maniacal focus on instant gratification. On the end-user side, we enable this by providing the ability to instantly share photos, videos, screenshots, and other data points, helping to resolve issues at twice the speed. On the contact center side of things, our real-time APIs accomplish this by being simple, reliable, and straightforward.

With our real-time dashboard, supervisors and admins have access to key metrics like agent aux codes, users queued, wait times, scheduled calls, an agent’s speed to answer, chat durations, transfers, CSAT scores, and much more. These metrics can be instantly fed into allied systems to ensure that operational decisions are not based on data that is 15 or 30 minutes stale but rather on the current interaction, providing accurate and cumulative information.

Not only do our APIs make real-time adherence a breeze and allow Workforce Management systems perform to the best of their potential, but by feeding them into data visualization or business intelligence products like Looker, Tableau or Clearview, and enterprise messaging platforms like Slack, the productivity of the supervisor is enhanced significantly, all while simplifying the decision matrix during peak hours or unexpected traffic influxes.

UJET treats reporting and the dashboard as an integral part of the platform offering, not as an afterthought. Our architecture is comprised of a horizontally scalable infrastructure that automatically scales without latency issues. In other words, it’s just as effective when there are 3 calls with 5 agents, or when there are 1,200 ongoing calls, with 50 in queue and 1,300 agents servicing the requests. This approach, similar to the media consumption platforms that handle 400 million requests per minute, ensures that consuming the APIs in multiple systems doesn’t affect performance or reliability.

We truly deliver on our promise to alleviate pain points for all of our user sets — the end-user, agent, and contact center admins or supervisors. And our real-time APIs help to make that a reality for our clients.

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