UK Masters Qualifier Wrap Up!

Here we are, on the verge of launching our league stage for Season 2 of the UK Masters! When we started work on this season we knew we had to make it bigger and better than the first, and adding League of Legends and Hearthstone, alongside over £45,000 in prize money, we’ve really kicked it up a gear!

These wrap ups will serve as your weekly round up of the action from this seasons 3 titles and will keep you in the know throughout the competition!

Who is going to be playing in the leagues I hear you ask? Well, let’s have a bit of a rundown, shall we?

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

With both FM Esports and CAZ Esports being directly invited into the league for season 2, six teams progressed through the three qualifiers to give us the 8 teams for the league. Three pretty intense online qualifiers gave us some surprises and some outstanding performances throughout. By the time the dust had settled and the qualifiers had finished, we knew who we would be seeing in the coming weeks. The 6 teams joining CAZ and FM would be:

  • Fish123
  • CeX
  • Reason*
  • uFrag
  • Endpoint
  • Generic Team Name

Our CSGO broadcasts start on Wednesday 19th October and continue each Wednesday and Thursday evening from 7–11pm for 7 weeks over on our Twitch channel.

*No longer in the the competition

League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the oldest games on the Insomnia tournament lineup, and after the immense success of League Fest at Insomnia58, it was a perfect time to add it to the roster of UK Masters titles. Two qualifiers saw the top 4 from each ensure promotion into the league and a shot at some of that amazing £20,000 prize pool. The eight teams joining us for the league are:

  • exceL eSports
  • Distrikt
  • TCA eSports
  • Molotovs n Marshmallows
  • Sensei
  • UK Legends
  • LF Org4Masters*
  • Synygys Angels
  • Perilous Void

Our League of Legends broadcasts start on Monday 10th October and continue each Monday and Tuesday evening from 7–11pm for 7 weeks over on our Twitch channel.

*No longer in the the competition


With the inclusion of the Insomnia Truesilver Championship being a popular feature of recent Insomnias, Hearthstone was an obvious addition to the UK Masters lineup for season 2. Some of the best UK talent in the scene battled it out through 2 online qualifiers for a shot at the league and that sweet prize pool! The 7 confirmed players in the league are:

  • BoarControl
  • Pesty
  • TingTing
  • Cipher
  • Pittas
  • xl3en
  • Epiphany

Our Hearthstone broadcasts start on Friday 14th October and continue each Friday evening from 7–11pm for 7 weeks over on our Twitch channel.