Weekly Wrap Up — League of Legends Week 2

Before we kick off Week 3’s games of the UK Masters, here’s a lightning rundown of last weeks games and the matches we will see this week.


Week 2 gave us another 8 games of League of Legends action. Games began on Monday night, with Synygy’s Angels (now Bulldog Esports) facing off against Sensei and Distrikt lining up against UK Legends. Here’s how those games played out:

With one draw and one loss, Synygy’s Angels are only a single point behind the Sensei team in the middle of the pack.

The two wins from Distrikt put them at the top of the league table, with 2 series played and 2 series won. UK Legends are right behind them, with that loss to Distrikt leaving them tied third in the standings with 2 other teams.


Day 2 of Week 2 saw TCA Esports face off against exceL Esports and Molotovs ’n’ Marshmallows vs Perilous.Void:

Both series featured fairly quick 2–0 scorelines with exceL and Molotovs ’n’ Marshmallows conquering their opponents.

Molotovs ’n’ Marshmallows were promoted to second in the league following that series win and exceL tie up third with UK Legends and TCA Esports.

Week 3

This weeks games begin at 7pm on Monday and Tuesday evenings. The match ups are as follows:


  • Molotovs ’n’ Marshmallows vs Bulldog Esports
  • UK Legends vs Perilous.Void


  • Distrikt vs TCA Esports
  • exceL Esports vs Sensei

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