UK Masters Weekly Cups

We here at the UK Masters team are happy to be able to finally announce our new UK Masters Weekly Cups.

Starting next week we’ll be welcoming two new titles to the family and bringing back an old favourite in a more laid-back and player-focused environment than our main UK Masters series.

The driving force behind these weekly cups is to help drive the online grass-roots esports scenes in the UK, especially during the quiet periods of the domestic tournament circuit. Hopefully these cups will be a platform for bringing new blood into the UK competitive scenes and potentially help some less popular games develop as esports within the community.

We’re bringing back an old favourite on Thursday nights with League of Legends.
With a successful full season of UK Masters LoL finishing in late August we’re adding a bit of continuity with our open cups as something to tide you guys over, hopefully this will be a great opportunity for old teams to keep their skills sharp and newer teams to get a taste of competitive LoL in the UK.
We’ve picked Thursday for League of Legends as it coincides with Belong’s League of Legends Community Night, a great place to either play together with your team or even meet new people to play with in a space designed specifically for gaming.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has become a huge hit in such a short time and we’d be lying if we said the team haven’t dumped a few hundred hours into it already. We’ve toyed around with some custom matches before with different modes and formats and we’re looking foward to being able to run some games as a part of these UK Masters cups each Wednesday evening.
As it stands we will be running DUOs only for UK Masters but this may be subject to change, keep your eyes out for news!

Let’s put this to rest — Dota 2.
Dota’s been a game close to our hearts and with recent successes in the UK regarding the game we’re looking to do our part and measure interest in the game again. There’s literally no reason to not play in our Dota cups starting Tuesday 31st October at 7pm.

The prize-pool for League of Legends and Dota 2 is a cool £100 per night, with £70 to 1st place and £30 to 2nd.
Due to PUBG’s licensing rules we are currently unable to give away cash & cash equivalent prizes so each winning duo will be awarded free tickets to attend the UK Masters Grand Finals at Insomnia62.

This is a departure from our usual ventures at UK Masters and we hope it’s a new opportunity for us to help build UK Esports as a whole alongside our full UK Masters seasons, and that you’ll join and support us in these open cups.

As usual our requirement for at least 60% of each team residing in the UK is still in place — if a prizewinning team is found to not abide by this rule no prize money will be paid out.

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you in game, stay tuned for further updates from us over at and if you’re interested in joining or would like more info please join our server over at Discord

Starting Tuesday 31st October
Starting Wednesday 1st November
Starting Thursday 2nd November
 League of Legends