Is Brexit a Scheme for More Financial Gain?

Brexit may have been an evil plan all along

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here have been many remarks as to the reasons of why Brexit has happened. Many have come up with different theories stating that Brexit was a planned action by powerfull governmental bodies and corporatists around the globe to strengthen their financial muscle by abusing the value of the GBP (Great British Pound). At the same time, even political bodies from Europe do wonder how such an important ally of the European Union could break for such misunderstood reasons.

You need to take a small step back to see things from a different perspective. The way in which things have followed through since the announcement of Brexit the first time in 2016 it was as if a plan has commenced with different steps through the way. Just as the former judge of the European Parliament has mentioned, the NHS electoral campaign held by Boris Jhonson and Nigel Farage was a plan with a bigger intent rather than actually taking the money given to the European Union every week and investing it to the NHS.

People are not able to stress enough the importance of the NHS in our country as well as the risk that the national health service has been put into if Boris decides to go through with Trump’s arrangements post Brexit. It is as if they knew that most of the population will fall for the NHS electoral campaign as it is what Britain has of most value. I am happy that the population of the UK can acknowledge the value of the national health service however, disappointed that they are not able to see through this charade.

At the end of the day, there are quite too many factors at play within Brexit itself just to justify even more the mess that it has created, not only in this country but in Western Europe too. If the pound has fallen down in value and the rise of the Euro, as well as the US Dollar, is on the rise many corporations prefer to pay their taxes on UK land as they have to pay less based on the value of our currency.

There have been numerous reports stating that various foreign currency traders making billions by taking advantage of the fall of the GDP which has also influenced the rise of the Euro and the USD. This is by taking advantage of valuable information that can mostly be acquired from powerfull individuals that do have a source of such information. There have also been stories of some individuals becoming so rich because of Brexit they do not even have to move a single finger for the rest of their life.

In a good plan where you are trying to gain the trust of the population, you need a distracting factor so they are not able to see the truth behind the plan. In this case, you can see this distracting factor as the NHS which has actually worsened over the last 3 years mainly because of Brexit. Let’s bring the truth out an say if we are to go through with Brexit and stop giving the European Union 56 million pounds a week will all of that money go to the NHS? If you are thinking of a yes as an answer you are only just another fool of the British political system.

There is a good distance between the reality of the situation within the House of Commons and the European Parliament as well as other parliaments that Britain has held a close relationship with. As other European politicians are trying to open the eyes of a whole nation to see that there is simply no true advantage or gain to the citizens of this country but only a big loss. The only winners will be the crocked politicians within the British parliament and big corporatists that have their arrangements already made to benefit from whatever the outcome may be.

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