Why Democracy is Failing in the UK

Why Britains MPs are wrong to resist Brexit

Darren Matthews
Oct 2 · 4 min read
Brexit and UK Democracy
Brexit and UK Democracy
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Believe it or not, I voted to remain in the referendum. I felt strongly the UK should remain part of the European Union and still do.

But, since the result of the referendum, I have watched with a growing sense of horror and disbelief. The events unfolding in the UK’s parliament forced me to question my initial view.

At first, I was pleased as Brexit seemed to stutter and stall. There was a prolonged negotiation with the EU over the terms of leaving. It took eighteen months to agree just to leave.

Of course, Parliament had to approve the withdrawal agreement. As a result, Brexit stalled completely.

As one Prime Minister resigned, and another one arrived, it seems MP’s have become more and more determined to stop Brexit.

The cost?

The failure of democracy as we know it.

Why is Democracy failing?

With a growing sense of realisation, I can see that democracy is at risk of failure. This concerns me greatly. Far more than leaving the EU.

It seems most MP’s seem to have forgotten the result of the referendum.

Democracy spoke during the referendum and the majority (52%) voted to leave. There was no debate about the terms of how we should leave within the referendum, only that the UK should leave.

The EU and the UK completed the withdrawal agreement in December 2018. But since then MPs have blocked it becoming law.

Every step both Prime Ministers have taken to take the UK closer to leaving met with resistance. The resistance has come from MPs who don’t want the UK to leave the EU.

Their view seems to be that their judgement of Brexit is better than the majority who voted to leave. For me, this is completely wrong. Democracy is about supporting the majority view.

Leaving the EU wasn’t a decision taken by one person; 17.4 million people voted for it.

MPs are receiving death threats, something that is wrong. I’m not for one minute trying to justify those death threats. I want to be clear about that.

But and there has to be a but. The majority voted to leave and MPs are blocking that from happening. This is where the public’s anger comes from, a belief that democracy has failed.

The Polarisation of Politics

Photo by Evangeline Shaw on Unsplash

There is a deepening concern regarding the polarisation of politics. To me, this stems from failing to deliver Brexit.

There are those that see delivering Brexit as the right thing to do because the majority voted for it. Then there are those that see this decision as wrong and are doing all they can to prevent it from happening.

This vast difference in views is driving this polarisation and with it the potential for something far worse.

When people see democracy failing, they look for an alternative. It disturbs me greatly what that alternative might be…

Why we need to get Brexit done

The more this painful standoff continues, the more I can see that Boris Johnson is right. To make democracy legitimate again and restore public trust in politicians, we need to get Brexit done.

Although I voted to remain, I see far bigger issues that sit beyond us stagnating over leaving or not. For the sake of the future of this country, we need to move on.

Before, I had argued for a general election, but I fear for the outcome. We remain divided over Brexit and anger will continue to grow over our MP’s failure to deliver it. A more authoritarian approach might be offered to the electorate.

The risk of fascism in this country has never been greater than it is today.

Evil sits in the wings waiting to pounce. When people are divided in such a pronounced way, it offers opportunity. After decades of peace, Europe might be about to take a giant step backwards.

Therefore, our MP’s have to support Boris Johnson and get Brexit it done. The alternative doesn’t bear thinking about…

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