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Slimmed Siri…Top 10 iOS 14 features Every iPhone and iPad users must know….(Part 2)

Welcome back to Part 2 of my Top 10 iOS 14 features series…

I am a big fan of Artificial Intelligence from the time I got chance to work on few Bot apps especially for Finance and Insurance Domains in Azure Platform which inspired me to complete an Online ML diploma program with Stanford and indeed now got enrolled for Google AI Residency and waiting for the Fall to start the 2021 program.

I always believe in using all the best features which is available in the Phone which I paid for…so as an iPhone user for almost 14 yrs now from the day one Siri has been added as a feature I started leveraging it and indeed I call Siri by nick name ‘Invisible Maid’…but one of the biggest issue I always faced is Siri use to occupy the full screen as soon as I do a long press of my home screen…and its quite annoying…now in iOS 14 we have a Slimmed Siri, thanks to a new compact design, you can take advantage of everything Siri can do without losing your context.

Compact Siri UI look

Now a yet another new ability built into Siri which I was trying to understand why such simple feature like record send a audio message was not handled by Siri , but again Kudos to Apple , now you can record a Audio message with Siri and send without much hassle.

Now lets see how to get this done ‘Record Audio message with Siri’, Step by Step…

Audio message using Siri

Activate Siri as you usually would using “Hey Siri” or by long-pressing the Home or Side button. Then, when it’s listening, say (or type if using Type to Siri):

“send an audio message to [contact’s name]” for e.g “send an audio message to Sharika Shivani”

Siri will respond with “OK, recording,” and then you just start talking, singing, or whatever you’re doing vocally, and Siri will record everything that comes out of your mouth.

If it’s not sure who that contact is, it may ask you to pick from a selection that it presents before you can start your audio message.

The good thing is there doesn’t seem to be a limit to how long you can record an audio message, so make it as long as you want. To end the audio message, simply stop speaking for a few seconds, and Siri will know that you’re done.

This also works with MMS texts not just only the iMessage for e.g If you record an audio message with Siri and send it to someone who has an Android phone, the audio message will convert itself into an audio file, which the other person can play on their phone like any other audio file.

One important thing to know is by default, audio messages sent via iMessage are deleted from the conversation after two minutes (unless you save it). having said that still you can modify your preferences (Settings –> Messages –> Expire) to never allow audio messages to disappear, thus keeping them permanently.

There is one more great feature now Siri got built into is translate , this is a major new Siri-based capability , a new app that can translate written and spoken foreign languages in real time , supports 11 different languages for conversation. The translations are done by Apple’s Neural Engine and does not require an internet connection.

Finally one much better improvement in terms of Siri answers for all your questions, now Siri can search across the Web and share the answers.

Siri Web Answers

Thats all I got for this part of the series, hope you all liked it and really tempted now to get the official release of iOS 14. Me too….alright see you in next part of series soon. See you all…have a great Wednesday evening.

Finally one much better improvement in terms of Siri answers for all your questions, now Siri can search across the Web and share the answers.




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