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Announcement: Details on Staking/Awakening

We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of Electric sheep’s NFT staking program, proudly named as the “Awakening”. Through this scheme, we hope that our ES NFT holders (Residents) will be provided with better benefits in the future.

“Awakening” Function Activation Schedule:

July 25, 2022 (the same day as mint day)

“Awakening” function process:

Residents can activate the “Awakening” function for the ES NFT they hold through the “Awakening” page on the ES official website. The awakening process is as follows:

“Log into the Electric Sheep official website — connect your wallet — enter My NFTs page — click “stake”, and the ES NFT enters the “Awakening/staking” state.”

Staking / Awakening Level:

To increase your “Awakening” level for your ES NFT, you do so by soft-staking ES NFT.

The “Awakened” state will be divided into 5 levels

LV0: The Awakening (click “Awakening” to obtain this level immediately)

LV1: Nomad (When you have obtained LV0 continuously for a month, you will reach LV1)

LV2: StreetKid (announced after reaching LV1)

LV3: Gangster (announced after reaching LV2)

LV4: The Awakened (announced after reaching LV3)

  1. If the resident wishes to transfer or sell ES NFT, they will need to unstake from the official website. In the near future, we will provide the transfer function of awakened NFTs on the official website, and residents will then be able to transfer NFTs in the awakened state to other wallets.
  2. The awakening level is determined based on how long the resident holds the ES NFT. The length of staking obtains the experience value. When the experience value reaches the leveling-up standard, it will be automatically upgraded. If you unstake your ES NFT, the experience value will then be cleared, but the level will remain the same.
  3. NFTs will need to reach at least LV1 to get rewards. Rewards will be sent from time to time. The higher the level, the higher the reward value will be.

“Awakening” Rewards:

1. Soul: this is an ES-specific points system. The Soul will have more applications in the Ultiverse metaverse in the future, such as in the Terminus mall to redeem prizes, for NFTs, Whitelists, or in the Terminus mini game.

2. Ultiverse Token: Ultiverse’s Governance and Utility Token, which can be applied in the Ultiverse universe

3. Terminus Land: The land of Terminus, where residents can build an online living space

4. Follow-up product whitelist: Residents will be whitelisted for future NFTs launched by Ultiverse.

5. Other NFTs: Ultiverse will collaborate with more well-known brands in the future, and whitelist spots for these more high-valued or high-potential NFTs or projects will be provided as rewards.

6. Badges: Community level badges, which can be used as a status symbol for the Ultiverse community.

Awakening Draw:

Ultiverse will hold an “Awakening” Carnival Lottery for residents every six months. Residents with an NFT of Lv2 or above can participate in the lottery.

Participate in the first “Awakening” Carnival Lucky Draw, and winners will have the opportunity to receive:

1. Legendary designer collaboration NFT (Cyber Pig, Cyber Girl, Cyber Street Kid)

2. ES series original painting (NFT)

3. Additional Soul, Ultiverse Token, Terminus Land, follow-up product whitelist, and other NFTs


1. The legendary designer collaboration NFT will be part of the ES NFT series. There are only three, with the NFT codes being: #00000/#00001/#00002.

2. The figurative presentation of ES lore — the original painting of the ES series — is a unique existence in the ES worldview.


Soul is an important credit with many applications in Ultiverse’s metaverse Terminus City.


  1. Mini game redemption

For small games that require the use of chips, such as Texas Hold’em, the residents can use the soul to exchange for the chips used in the game at a certain percentage. When residents use chips to win in the mini game, more chips will be rewarded for you. Each mini game has a leaderboard. The top 100 residents on the list will receive different amounts of soul rewards. Soul rewards will be issued according to the real-time leader board every 3 hours. You can use Soul to:

2. Purchase admission tickets

For small games that do not require chips (such as Tetris, racing cars, etc.), in the form of arcades, residents can consume souls to exchange tickets for the game. After the game is over, they receive their game points, and the accumulated points will be listed on the leaderboard to win Soul rewards.

3. Exchange prizes in the mall

a. Limited-use items: used either as one-or multiple-use consumable items or permanent items within Terminus city;

b. NFT WL: WL of other cooperation projects;

c. NFT: including Land, ES NFT, equipment NFT, planet NFT, etc.;

d. Many other exciting prizes!

How to Earn Soul:

Residents can earn The Soul by starting “Awakening” or playing the mini games in Terminus City. Residents can also get extra soul through lucky draws and official events (irregular dates to be confirmed).

“Awaken” to Earn:

A resident obtains the soul by activating “Awakening”. When there is an awakened NFT in the wallet, the resident wallet will receive the corresponding number of soul rewards every hour according to the highest level of NFT in the wallet.


To ensure the stability of earning soul, settlement is done every five minutes according to the timestamp of the latest block on the chain.

Acceleration settings:

Residents can increase the rate of earning soul by obtaining the following stackable three buffs:

Genesis Buff: Multiple ES NFTs in the same wallet (Buff)

If the resident holds multiple ES NFTs in the wallet, the rate to earn Soul will increase as follows:

Since the earning of Soul is mainly based on the wallet, when there is more than one ES NFT staked in the wallet, for each additional ES NFT staked, the earning speed of the soul in the wallet increases by 1%, which is superimposed based on the number (the upper limit of the bonus being 10%). The basic earning speed is in accordance with the highest level NFT.

Assuming that the highest-level NFT earning rate staked in the wallet is ‘a’, and the number of staked ES NFTs is ’n’, the Soul earning formula is:

f(n) = a * (1+1%*(n-1));

For example, if 10 ES NFTs are staked in the wallet, one at Lv2, and the others are at Lv0, the Soul earning rate of this wallet will be = 1.2 * (1+1%*9) = 1.308 Souls per hour.

Whale Buff: owning a lot of ES NFTs

• If the number of staked NFTs in the wallet is ≥ 30, the Soul earning speed has a “x2 buff”;

• If the number of staked NFTs in the wallet is ≥ 100, the Soul earning speed has a “x10” buff;

  • If the number of staked NFTs in the wallet is ≥ 500, the Soul earning speed has a “x100” buff

0rigin Buff: Owning ES-0rigin NFTs

• If there is at least one ES-0rigin staked in the wallet, the soul earning rate will increase by 1‰,

  • If 7 different ES-0rigin NFTs are staked in the same wallet, the soul earning rate will increase by 2‰;

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