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Announcement of Ultiverse Website 2.0 — New Leap, New Legend

After six months of growth in the Metaverse journey, our team is thrilled to announce a big update! The Ultiverse’s new and redesigned website will be launching soon.

Version 2.0 of Ultiverse’s website is a dark-theme modern design layout with visual tensions and more precise navigation, including new pages of Roadmap, Bazaar (Ulti-marketplace), Voice, Projects, and others. With a range of new pages and features, we aim to provide our new and old users with a better interactive experience and a complete understanding of what Ultiverse is doing and our development perspective.

Here are some awesome new features of Ultiverse website 2.0:

  1. Updated Roadmap

The new Roadmap further improves on the previous version, including all the updates within the Ultiverse’s projects, including Terminus, Electric Sheep, and Endless loop. It gives you an overview of all the developments of each phase and shows you what to look forward to.

Phase 1

  • Product Concept Designs
  • Technology Verification
  • Internal Prototyping
  • Website V1.0

Phase 2

  • Electric Sheep NFT Launch
  • Website 2.0

Phase 3

  • Terminus City (Metaverse): Alpha launch (Electric Sheep Holder Entry)
  • Terminus City (Metaverse) :Beta launch
  • Metafi economic system launch

Phase 4

  • Endless Loop: Alpha Launch
  • Endless Loop: Beta Launch
  • Bazaar (Ulti-Marketplace) Launch

Phase 5

  • Terminus City: Mainnet Launch (Public)
  • Endless Loop: Mainnet Launch (Public)
  • VR Access Channel Launch
  • Dark Fantasy (AAA Strategy Game) : Alpha Launch
  • Ultiverse Developer DAO Inception

2. Projects

To share a complete Ultiverse metaverse with you, we created a page introducing the three most important facets, Electric Sheep, Terminus, and Endless Loop. More games and projects will also certainly emerge in Ultiverse in the future.

- Electric Sheep, a cyberpunk NFT PFP collection, is the genesis product launched by Ultiverse. Electric Sheep is set in a dystopian, cyberpunk-themed world where people seek out Sisyphus and his legendary chip. The entire Electric Sheep collection reflects a cyberpunk aesthetic through its use of clashing colors, human augmentations, and a spirit of individuality and rebellion found in each character design. Electric Sheep is an exclusive ID related to the unique games, airdrop utilities, and VIP pass in the Ultiverse Ecosystem.

-Terminus is the decentralized virtual metaverse platform in Ultiverse, built on the BNB Chain using Unreal Engine 5. It’s our central hub where users can interact with others in real time while browsing and discovering content. In Terminus, users can create their own experiences and various facets of the social environment in galleries, marketplaces, Guilds, Mini-game centers, Bars, and other spaces. Terminus also acts as a portal, with gates connecting users to all the games available on the Ultiverse platform.

- Endless Loop is a 3A Web3 Game on the BSC chain based on a space exploration theme. Endless Loop enables users to farm resources, craft bases, explore planets, and battle other players. Endless Loop is devoted to establishing the long-term sustainability of the economy; Endless Loop is structured where players are incentivized to band together to complete higher-level quests — appealing to a broad spectrum of gamers from different economic backgrounds and those wanting to find suitable and fun roles in the larger ecosystem regardless of their investment.

More info & video clips about these 3 critical projects will be displayed on the website.

3. Bazaar (Coming soon)

As we achieved our Metaverse vision, our team realized that Bazaar is a vital feature for you to participate in our economic system and spread wealth across the Ultiverse community. In the Bazaar, many items, for example, land, an NFT Luckybox, raffle tickets, Whitelist packages, rare items, construction resources in Terminus, and more, can be bought with USDT and Soul (credit reward for ES staking). More than a classical exchange place, we strive to build a central market hub where players from various games in Metaverse or blockchain could freely transact within the Ultiverse marketplace in the future.

4. Voice

We want to keep you updated and notified on what our team is working on, how the development process is going, and other significant announcements. To keep you in the loop, we set up pages to list all updates and notices published on Twitter, Discord, and Medium.

You can’t wait to explore the Ultiverse website 2.0? Before the website goes live, check out the sneak peek video below to get an early look at what we’ve got prepared for you:

About Ultiverse

Ultiverse is building the social gaming metaverse that connects Web3 with an immersive VR compatible virtual world. By empowering players of various economic abilities to build mutually beneficial relationships, Ultiverse is aimed at creating a first-of-its-kind MetaFi.

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