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Electric Sheep AMA on Lore and Whitelist Recap

Right after the announcement of the whitelist campaign for our Electric Sheep NFT collection, we got a chance to sit down with Assistant Producer Heath and Business Development Lead Jay to chat some more on the lore behind Electric Sheep on our first Twitter Spaces AMA. As well as get their thoughts on the whitelist process. Below you can get all the details on the chat just in case you missed it!

Bowen: Hi friends, welcome to the first Electric Sheep Twitter Space. So if you’ve joined the last two Ultiverse AMAs, you’d know that Electric Sheep is the genesis NFT collection from Ultiverse. We opened this account exclusively for the NFT collection because we know it’s gonna be big just like how many of you think, so we are actively generating dedicated content for fans of Electric Sheep and this is the place where you go for every bit of information about this collection, like the stories, the roadmap and so on. It’s our first time on Twitter Spaces, glad to see so many of you coming all the way from our Discord and there also must be a lot of friends coming from Twitter.

So today we’ll be having two guests talking about Electric Sheep. Jay, Ultiverse’ Business Development Lead, I’m sure you guys know him pretty well. And Heath, Ultiverse’s Assistant Producer, is a new face on our AMAs but he’s been with the team for a while. How are you guys doing today?

Jay: Hey everyone, I’m Jay and yes as Bowen mentioned if you’ve tuned in to our previous AMAs you’re probably familiar with me now. Happy to be back here getting a chance to chat on Ultiverse and Electric Sheep with our community.

Heath: Hi guys, I’m Heath, the Assistant Producer here at Ultiverse and I’m excited to share some of our thoughts with you guys.

Bowen: As we all know there’s a ton of NFT collections out there, and it makes sense that someone would spend time scrolling down their twitter feed or joining their Discord to see what’s good about their projects, but the fact is that I, I believe many others as well, honestly don’t really have the time to dig into all the details when there’s so many collections out there. So I want to ask Heath how would you describe Electric Sheep in a nutshell.

Heath: Sure, so just recently we announced our Electric Sheep collection, which is the first NFT collection for our Ultiverse. Electric Sheep draws inspiration from games like Cyberpunk and Fallout and the story draws from some of the spiritual questions seen in Sci-Fi books, like Dune or Ender’s Game.

But I think what separates us from a lot of other NFT collections is our storyline and lore. We wanted to make sure our art was supported by a background story that ties everything together.

Bowen: Yeah I know thus far it’s not a usual thing to write out a comprehensive lore for an NFT collection. I’ve looked at many other NFT projects and the lore is rather short and general, if there’s any lore at all. Personally I do think that’s something quite groundbreaking in the NFT space. I’ve also seen that Electric Sheep started off with posting introductions about the 3 organizations, Gangs, The Company and World Government, as well as the conflicts between them. I’m sure our audience has been curious as to how this setting is played out.

Jay: Yes, so we’ve introduced two characters from each of the three organizations so far and they are key players in the story if you will. In our story, robotics as a technology has advanced far beyond what’s possible today, resulting in the ability to construct Humanoids and they’ve become very commonplace. While they look like humans, the early models did not possess the self-awareness or free will and just obeyed the commands of their human owners. But slowly over time, they became self-aware and sentient which changed everything.

Bowen: So what was the Humanoids’ role in society prior to becoming self-aware?

Jay: At the very beginning they were primarily unskilled laborers, so for example people would have them working in mines, or as janitors, construction jobs. Then as the technology and coding behind them advanced, people were able to assign them to more and more complicated and skilled jobs.

Bowen: I want to ask how they incorporated this type of technology to make themselves superior? Like, humanity as the creator of the technology must have taken some benefit out of this right?

Heath: Yeah tons of people were definitely eager to utilize cybernetics themselves as well. It became quite popular for people to augment their bodies to enhance any kind of performance. In a way, we’re already augmented with our smartphones and wearables, so it’s easy to see how people could go down that path.

Jay: Of course, not everyone was either willing or had the money needed to augment themselves. Those who did had an advantage in the workforce over those who didn’t. Further increasing the wealth gap we see in today’s society around the world between the rich and less fortunate.

This led many people to resent the technology behind augmentations and the humanoids themselves. Eventually this tension led to a war between the humans and the humanoids. The winning strategy by the humans was to cut off all electricity, which is their power source. The cost of this war was very high, leading to the destruction of the environment. It also resulted in the end of the world order as we know it. With the dissolution of national governments and borders that we see today

Bowen: Can you elaborate on these three organizations a bit more?

Jay: The three major organizations in Electric Sheep are the Company, the World Government and the Gangs. The owners of the Company have made a fortune through their Humanoids and augmentation technology and now hold most of the wealth in the world. And with money comes of course influence and power. They’ve managed to infiltrate the World Government to the point where it’s really just a proxy for their goals and ambitions and they’re controlling the world system behind the scenes. There’s massive conflict with the third organization, the Gangs. The Gangs represent the people at the bottom of the social hierarchy, people that are tired of being oppressed and aim to reshuffle the social landscape through rebellion and confronting those who want to take their rights away. And this is where the story of Electric Sheep really begins.

Bowen:On top of that there’s also been posts about two characters from each organization, so what are the stories about them, why are they important to the overall lore?

Heath: For Reynold, when his daughter died he was given the Painter as a replacement. Painter looked identical to his real daughter. Originally Reynold was pro Humanoid but he ended up switching sides and throwing the Painter out. Now she’s being studied by the company because they see she’s becoming conscious and they want to find out why.

Bowen: Feel like I need to grab some popcorn, I love family drama. keep on going.

Jay: Therefore, Reynold as a character is very conflicted emotionally. While the Painter looks exactly like his deceased daughter, he also holds a lot of hate for the Humanoids. There’s also conflict between himself and Oswald, who is his best friend.

Oswald is the Company’s research and development director, basically the creator or “father” of all the Humanoids. Oswald’s hope is that through study of the Humanoids he can discover the secret behind self consciousness. And he hopes that by manipulating that consciousness, he’ll be able to make the humanoids be able to service humanity.

For me that relationship between Oswald, Reynold and the Painter is my favorite. But of course there are other characters we’ve introduced as well such as Aaron who has been planted within the World Government by the Company to further its interest and Eve and Giles who are key figures within the Gangs.

They each have their own backstories and agendas. Each character hopes to find the meaning of their existence and to achieve self-awakening. You’ll just have to follow us on Twitter to see how the story of Electric Sheep develops.

Bowen: Oh wow that’s definitely a lot of stuff to digest. I think the storyline is really thoughtfully made, also very useful and inspiring for our followers to generate new content with, like I’ve seen a lot of fan art on our Discord, which I’m really impressed with and I was like damn how did they do this? Big shout out to them.

Heath: Y’all should keep a look out on Twitter, one of our characters might make a special appearance.

Bowen: I see you guys have started a poll and that Eve and the Painter seem to be the most popular.

Jay: Yes, we have launched two polls on Twitter. The highest number of votes was I believe Eve and The Painter, the female characters of course (laughs). Which I understand as they’re very interesting. For me personally, my favorite is probably Oswald, I just really like his backstory and the evil looking red eyes.

Heath: I really like Eve… I just like the dreadlocks and the eyes as well.

Bowen: That’s everything about the lore for now. So here comes the exciting part. A lot of you know that we just launched the whitelist campaign for the NFT sale and are eager to know how to get yourself a spot.

Jay: Yeah, we announced the whitelist campaign rules yesterday and received a lot of great feedback from the community already. The idea behind the whitelist campaign is to reward our community members who have real contributions to our community in different aspects and of course have been supporting us from day one. So we planned a series of whitelist events to meet different desires and to be suitable for different kinds of people. Some events might be hard but there are some pretty easy ones as well, for example, attending our AMAs like today.

In order to get a spot on the whitelist, you will need to participate in our events so that they can obtain the relevant event roles. Once you have enough whitelist specific event roles, you’re able to claim your whitelist role. And there’s a slight advantage for Early Supporters Roles and OG Roles as we want to reward those who supported us in the early stage. You know, new community members will need five event roles to claim whitelist role, while Early Supporter needs four and only three events roles for our OG Roles community members.

Bowen: Ok sounds like the whitelist spots are only for those who put in effort. So we just launched the first whitelist activity the other day and maybe you can explain it to everyone a little bit.

Jay: Sure. Our first whitelist event is called “Content Creation”.

Requirements are to write original articles or make videos either about Ultiverse or Electric Sheep NFTs. Introductions, animated videos, and anything related to our projects are acceptable. And you can find more details on our Discord server.

Actually, there have been lots of people who have already made excellent content spontaneously before the start of our whitelist campaign. We’d like to express our thanks to them! Also, we want to encourage more people to look deeper into our project, express their thoughts on it, and help spread the word.

It’s only Day One of this event and we’ve already received over 200 submissions!

Bowen: That’s quite impressive! I mean, we are still early but the support we have received from our community has been a lot. I really appreciate that.

Bowen: That’s all for today’s Q&A. If your question is answered, you’ll be granted the “AMA Expert” role soon. If not, we also have a special event role for you today.

Now, head to #ama-role channel in our discord and react with the bot! You have 3 minutes!

Once again, head to #ama-role channel in our discord and react with the bot!

Thank everyone for attending our AMA today! See you later.

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