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Electric Sheep “Name the Painter” Competition

The world of Electric Sheep has officially launched and the “Painter” is an intergral part of the lore behind the NFT collection as we will reveal the story through her perspective. But for now she is still lying dormant in the sleeping stage after having her core coding reset and cleaned of past memories. Therefore we need your help in giving her a name as that is a crucial part of the awakening process!

First, let’s get a recap of the her backstory that has been revealed so far….

“As the Company’s critical experimental subject, whenever the “Painter” draws a picture that confilicts with her core code, the developer will record the anomaly, reset her memory data, and awaken her again. Although she has been reset endless times, fragments of memory data still remain, and this data will have a profound impact on herself and the researchers.”

How to Participate

1. Quote Tweet our Tweet here and submit your proposed name for the “Painter”.” Make sure to also Tag @ 3 friends in your Tweet and use the hashtag #ElectricSheep

2. Follow us on Twitter at @0xElectricsheep

3. Join our Discord Community here: https://discord.gg/ultiverse

Competition Timeline

Competition Start Date: April 15th, 2022

Competition End Date: April 17th, 2022

How to Win and Rewards

From the submissions 5 names will be chosen as finalists and all finalists will be rewarded with an OG Role in our Discord. Then we will run a Twitter Poll where the community will choose the final winner and name for the “Painter.” Once the final name has been decided a new exclusive Twitter account and Discord channel will be setup using the “Painter’s” new name.

We are looking forward to seeing all the name submissions. Be creative, good luck and most of all, have fun!

About Ultiverse

Ultiverse is building the social gaming metaverse that connects Web3 with an immersive VR compatible virtual world. By empowering players of various economic abilities to build mutually beneficial relationships, Ultiverse is aimed at creating a first-of-its-kind MetaFi.

About Electric Sheep

Electric Sheep is the first NFT collection from Ultiverse, drawing artistic inspiration from the cyberpunk aesthetic and combining it with an expansive story that is at the core of our world building. Holders of Electric Sheep will have access to additional applications and ulitity within the Terminus Hub.



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