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Genesis Round Mint Announcement​

  • 2021 Q3 — Commencing Ultiverse initilization
  • 2022 March — Announcement of seed round investment led by Sequoia Capital, Binance Labs, and Defiance
  • 2022 March — The official launch of the Ultiverse brand, simultaneously debuting its official Twitter, Discord, and Medium platforms
  • 2022 April — Announcement Ultiverse’s first cyberpunk- themed NFT collection — Electric Sheep
  • 2022 May — Showcasing with the community a scenery exhibition of the Terminus City
  • 2022 June — Completion sale of Electric Sheep NFT Builders’ Mint Round
  • 2022 July — Ultiverse…?

Ultiverse x Electric Sheep Genesis Round Mint Event

For July, Ultiverse’s first NFT project (Electric Sheep) will commence our second round of minting for our Genesis NFT. The Genesis NFT Mint Date will be happening by the end of July, with further details regarding the mint to be announced by this month. Concurrently, before the mint day, the Ultiverse team has arranged for three exciting and top-level secret events, which we highly encourage our supporters to engage in.

Event 1: New Campaign: “ES: 0rigin”

Electric Sheep is a cyberpunk-themed NFT collection composed of immensely intricate world ideologies and storylines. During April, we kicked off our welcome introduction of the ES world outlook to the public, via our Electric Sheep official Twitter, including its chronicles, the associated three main factions, and our 6 main characters — we hope you all still remember the main characters, Ceres (Painter), Eve, Reynold, Aaron, Giles, and Oswald. Through engaging and captivating storytelling, the ES NFT Collection aims to deliver the central concept of “self-awareness”, concomitantly broadcasting our hopeful message that everyone can strive towards equality, freedom, and independence by “self-awakening”. Thus, before the Genesis Round Mint Day, the Ultiverse team proudly presents the ES:0rigin event as seen below:

  • About the “ES: 0rigin”

In this event, the main focus will be on our six main characters — Ceres (Painter), Oswald, Aaron, Reynold, Eve and Giles, during which the community will be introduced to their individual lore whilst simultaneously earning rewards by completing the missions.

Once all the assigned missions have been completed and the member has thus successfully reconstructed the character’s backstory, the character will be rewarded to you.

  • Reward

Free mint of ERC-1155 NFT of the specific character that you have completed the mission.

  • Utility of ERC-1155

You will be able to boost your staking reward with the character NFT introduced in this event.

Event 2: Terminus Pre-view

We believe that Ultiverse’s metaverse Terminus City has great potential to become one of the first pioneering metaverse platform utilizing Unreal Engine 5 in development. The team is ready to showcase specific locations to be presented in Terminus City. Some interesting sites are the Central Cyberpunk Tree, the NFT Exhibition Area, Game Centre, Portal, and a Metaverse Pub for you to chill in. We hope that the realistic landscapes of Terminus City brought to life by our team will enchant you, and open up your mind to the infinite possibilities that can happen at Terminus City — what could we, as players and builders, accomplish and achieve here? Thus, we will divulge more details regarding Terminus City this July to answer your anticipation.

  • The factions that are accomplishable in Terminus City
  • Different sceneries and landscapes to be displayed in Terminus City
  • Upcoming mini game happening in Terminus City
  • And finally, a live demonstration of Terminus City

The Terminus City demonstration, will be streamed live in real-time so everyone can watch it happening! During the live-stream, everyone will have an opportunity to observe and be a part of the gameplay on Terminus City . We believe this will help to develop a more precise understanding of our project.

Event 3: Staking

We are also happy to announce that the Electric Sheep NFT’s staking function has already been programmed into our Terminus System. During the day of the Genesis Round Mint, the staking function will be activated — now known as “Awakening”. We had previously released some details when we introduced “Awakening” shortly after the Builder’s Round Mint ended; for instance, the users of “Awakening” will be able to accumulate Soul (points), Ultiverse tokens, and many more as rewards.

Many of you may be confused about how to achieve “Awakening fully”, or are curious about the exact rewards that an “Awakening” user would obtain, or even have questions such as how Soul can be utilized in this process. Therefore, this July, we will also release a detailed description explaining the “Awakening” function for all our current and to-be Electric Sheep NFT holders. This will include:

  • An introduction to “Awakening”
  • User interface for “Awakening”
  • How to obtain rewards from “Awakening”
  • Application use case of “Soul”
  • The activation date and time of “Awakening”

“Awakening” will be a crucial function of Electric Sheep NFT. We hope to provide more benefits and rewards for our ES NFT holders via this function.

Last But Not Least

With these three amazing events, the team hopes to provide our community with a deeper, more thorough understanding of Electric Sheep NFT. The team also intends to support Electric Sheep NFT holders for the long term in this NFT space. To learn more about the project and our team, there will be more information on Ultiverse’s official platforms on Twitter, Discord, Medium, AMAs, events, and also our official website. We sincerely hope you have the time of your life this July, as we walk through this NFT journey with you.

About Ultiverse

Ultiverse is building the social gaming metaverse that connects Web3 with an immersive VR compatible virtual world. By empowering players of various economic abilities to build mutually beneficial relationships, Ultiverse is aimed at creating a first-of-its-kind MetaFi.

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