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Genesis Round Mint Announcement​

  • 2021 Q3 — Commencing Ultiverse initilization
  • 2022 March — Announcement of seed round investment led by Sequoia Capital, Binance Labs, and Defiance
  • 2022 March — The official launch of the Ultiverse brand, simultaneously debuting its official Twitter, Discord, and Medium platforms
  • 2022 April — Announcement Ultiverse’s first cyberpunk- themed NFT collection — Electric Sheep
  • 2022 May — Showcasing with the community a scenery exhibition of the Terminus City
  • 2022 June — Completion sale of Electric Sheep NFT Builders’ Mint Round
  • 2022 July — Ultiverse…?
  • About the “ES: 0rigin”
  • Reward
  • Utility of ERC-1155
  • The factions that are accomplishable in Terminus City
  • Different sceneries and landscapes to be displayed in Terminus City
  • Upcoming mini game happening in Terminus City
  • And finally, a live demonstration of Terminus City
  • An introduction to “Awakening”
  • User interface for “Awakening”
  • How to obtain rewards from “Awakening”
  • Application use case of “Soul”
  • The activation date and time of “Awakening”



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