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Terminus City report #001- Features & Scenarios

Previously, we shared a video on Twitter showing the development progress of Terminus. The curiosity about the features and scenarios in the video lingers on, thus we have provided a brief explanation one by one below.


Unlike other metaverse projects, Terminus City will be the first metaverse platform utilizing Unreal Engine 5. Using Unreal Engine 5, the team can provide players with impressive and realistic graphics, creating a more immersive experience coupled with different varieties of gameplay modes which they can choose from.

  1. UExhibition: Terminus City’s exhibition hall, where rare collectibles from the world of the Ultiverse (including games such as Endless Loop) will be exhibited (Rare collectibles from businesses and players can also be displayed).
  2. NFT Gallery: Terminus City’s NFT Gallery, where Electric Sheep or other metaverse NFTs (which will provide cross-chain functionality) will be presented for exhibitions.
  3. Bazaar: Terminus City’s marketplace where users can buy or trade everything from weapons, creatures, ships, vehicles etc. acquired in Terminus City or Endless Loop.
  4. The Arcade: Terminus City’s game centre where users can play minigames and win rewards.
  5. DJ Control: Invited and featured guest DJs will hold immersive VR parties and provide users with a high-quality music experience.
  6. Gates: The paths to the entire Ultiverse’s gamefi world. Terminus City will act as the hub for the Ultiverse’s metaverse platform. This hub links quality blockchain games that users can access through Terminus City. The Ultiverse’s first blockchain game is Endless loop. Plans are being made to include the launch of “Dark Fantasy”, “Code:ES”, as well as access to more premium blockchain games.
  7. Death Circle Bar: Terminus City’s hottest venue where users can party, meet friends, exchange secrets, and have an exciting night out.


Unlike other metaverse projects, in terminus, the avatar you control can do much more than just walk around. Our goal is to endow each avatar/user with the abilities and sensory experiences that humans already enjoy in “real life”.

a. Basic movements: standing, squatting, walking

b. Advanced moves: cartwheeling, climbing, driving, shooting, dancing, and more personalized moves

2. Functions

a. Trading

b. Shopping

c. Posting / completing tasks

d. Play mini-games

e. Listening to music

f. Social interactive chat

g. Construct and create

h. Changing clothes (equipment)

The avatar you control in Terminus can be a perfect replica of your identity in the real world and can be enjoyed within Terminus City.

Take user #Frank’s experience for example…

#Frank logged onto Terminus City through his wallet/account, selecting his avatar and equipping his newly obtained gear from Electric Sheep#8743 NFT Staking. Entering the Ultimate Center, he visited the UExhibition and noticed user #elonmusk’s brand new “Tesla 01 Battleship” display. Although he was envious of the other user’s mighty battleship, he glanced into his wallet and deemed his own “Wanderer 078 Battleship” to be equally as impressive. After all, he once traversed across the universe on this battleship, exploring over 20 planets in Endless Loop and winning many battles with his beloved ship.

Just then, he recalled that during his last expedition mission to Binance planet, he had used up many of his materials. Those will definitely need to be replenished. He rang up #Xaxa to shop for some new equipments together at the Bazaar, the meeting point was at the Cybertree. After some window shopping, they bought two newer model3 sniper guns, a system alert notified #Frank that the Electric Sheep#7263 he previously listed in the NFT Gallery has been sold, with a price 20% higher than Opensea’s floor price!

#Frank’s friend #Xaxa then told him that Cyberband will be performing today, so he suggested that they should wait to listen to the band before entering Endless Loop via the Gate. With time to spare, they decided to head to the Arcade to play some minigames and earn some rewards which was just right next to the DJ Control music event!

After an exhilarating performance, #Frank, alongside #Xaxa, #Kelvin, and #Jabu entered the Death Circle Bar together and sat down at one of the booths. #Kelvin and #Jabu partied on the dance floor, meeting and talking with four other patrons. At the same time, user #Kris walked over to their booth with a friend request in hand, and issued them a bounty quest invitation, “Obtain the Wanderer 658 Rifle”. Once they accepted the mission, they logged out of Terminus.

#Frank examines his BSC wallet, confirming that the sniper rifles he had purchased today at the Bazaar were all stored safely before switching off his desktop. Happily, he ended the day with a peaceful slumber. He had a big day planned ahead of him tomorrow — tomorrow he will join #Xaxa on an expedition in the Endless Loop to complete #Kris’ mission. He was both excited to see what kind of adventure he will encounter and curious about the quest rewards from #Kris that he would receive.

We’ll be publishing better, more detailed demos and news about Terminus and all its features soon! See you then!

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