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Ulti-ball Game Rules Reveal


Ulti-ball Game is an event specially launched by Ultiverse in celebration of the 2022 Football Fiesta. Ultiverse is organizing this event with various well-known projects on the market to bring Web 3 users together to enjoy this global soccer event.

In this event, Ball will be used as an exclusive forecast chip. To acquire Ball, participants need to complete different tasks (including Following Twitter, Joining Discord, Sign-in, Sharing the event page to social media, Inviting friends to join, Getting Discord roles, etc. ). In addition, users can also exchange Soul, the staking rewards of Electric Sheep NFT, to get the extra Ball.

Note: Ball can only be used in this event, and cannot be transferred or exchanged to other wallets or crypto platforms.

At the end of the event, there will be a leaderboard based on the Ball won by the participants and prizes will be distributed to them. In addition, users can also exchange their Ball for lottery coupons and draw rewards from the lottery pool.

Event Time

WorldCup 2022 Time Period


Event Time

15 November, 00:00 UTC–26 December 2022, 00:00 UTC

Event Periods:

  • Pre-event phase: 18 November, 12:00 UTC — 26 November 2022, 00:00 UTC

Event Rules:

Participants can earn Ball by completing tasks and using Ball to predict the outcomes of each Football Fiesta 2022 match.

Prediction Types:

Pre-event stage: Predict the Champion Team

  • Participants can predict which team will be the Football Fiesta champion, allowing predictions on up to 3 different teams with Ball.

Match stage: Predict the outcome of each match

  • Participants can make predictions on each match on the basis that results will be called 90 minutes after the match has begun.

Note: If there is a tie on the leaderboards, participants will be ranked by total Ball winnings. If they still score the same on the total Ball ranking board, we will rank them based on when they joined the event. Earlier joiners will rank higher.


Participants need to connect their wallet to the event page and register their Twitter handles & Discord IDs.

Tasks to acquire Ball

Must-do Tasks

  • Connect Wallet

Optional Tasks

  • Claim Daily Ball(Daily task: Get 10 Ball daily; For every 5 consecutive sign-in days, an extra 50Ball will be rewarded)

Tasks by Organizers

  • Extra bonus:

Redeem Ball Tasks:

  • Redeem with Discord Role:Participants will get exclusive roles by completing specific tasks in Ultiverse’s Discord

a. Direct Redeem

1:1 exchange, 100 Soul = 100 Ball

Max redemption is 1000 Ball

b. Ball Lottery

Participants can use 10 Soul to join the Ball lottery. Rewards and winning odds are as follows: 5,8,10,20,50,100

Pre-match stage: Each participant can join 20 times max lucky draws per day

Match stage: Each participant can join 50 times max lucky draws per day

Prize Pool & Distribution:

Prize Pool:

The leaderboard top 100 winners will share prize money in Cryptocurrency, electric sheep (top few), and soul points, which can be usable in the metaverse in the future or to participate in events such as this!

There are 2 prize pools in Ulti-ball Game, including Leaderboard Prize Pool and Lottery Prize Pool.

Leaderboard prize pool:

Electric Sheep NFT: x4

BUSD: 5,000

SOUL: 20,000

How to get:

1st : Electric Sheep NFT x2 + 3,000 SOUL

2nd : Electric Sheep NFT x1 + 2,000 SOUL

3rd : Electric Sheep NFT x1 + 600 SOUL

Top 4~50: 200 SOUL (total 9,400) + some BUSD**

Top 51~100: 100 SOUL (total 5,000)

*No.4 — No.50 on the Leaderboard will be rewarded BUSD.

Lottery prize pool:

Ultiverse and partners will provide over $10,000 worth of rewards in Lottery prize pool.

Prizes include electric sheep NFT, $BUSD, World Cup Cat Crew NFT, FMEX Football Metaverse BVB MysteryBox ,Neymar autographed limited edition NFT jersey, and many many more!

How to get:

Participants can exchange Ball for lottery coupons and join the lucky draw.

Participation Rewards

All active participants will definitely qualify for some soul point airdrop if they are present throughout the activities.

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