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Ultiverse is Partnering with Corite to Explore Metaverse for Artists

Ultiverse is excited to announce our partnership with Corite, a music funding platform that is revolutionizing how artists and fans interact in mutually beneficial ways. With our partnership, holders of our genesis NFT collection Electric Sheep that possess the specific Corite related trait will have exclusive access to additional utilities and benefits.

Corite let’s artists and fans join forces to build value together. With its gamified fan funding platform, Corite disrupts the old school record label model and offers artists independence at better terms than ever before. Fans get an opportunity to actively invest in music they love and to share the royalty revenues when the music streams on global streaming services such as Spotify and Apple music.

Ultiverse is building a social gaming metaverse that will connect Web3 with an immersive VR-compatible virtual world. This metaverse will connect users with various economic abilities, creating a world that is based on mutual benefit, which truly reflects real-world dynamics.

Ultiverse’s MetaFi will be based within a diverse world, where users can create their own games, build their own guilds, and much more. The team at Ultiverse is currently developing the first AAA-rated blockchain game, and its genesis PFP collection, Electric Sheep, is currently pre-mint.

As part of the collection, Ultiverse is teaming up with Corite, with a portion of their Electric Sheep NFT collection coming with a specific Corite related trait that offers a variety of additional utilities for users.

With the development of Metaverse infrastructure, it’s incredibly important for artists in all media to get involved, as visual art and sound will be a cornerstone of these virtual worlds, helping to bring the Metaverse to life. Additionally, the ability of artists to operate on the blockchain gives them and their fans the chance to benefit from new economic models.

The first step in this partnership is called Boombox, which comes with three foundational facets:

● 300 out of the 10,000 Electric Sheep NFTs will come with a special Corite related trait.

● This trait gives users five special songs that can be played as background music in Ultiverse’s central hub, Terminus.

● As part of Boombox, holders will have access to a range of future airdrops, with more details to be announced.

Mattias Tengbald, Co-founder and CEO at Corite, said, “Music will be a fundamental element in metaverses and gaming on Web3 going forward. This opens new ways for artists to interact with their fans on a global scale. Corite is all about maximizing fan power and we’re excited to work together with the skilled team at Ultiverse to explore all opportunities ahead of us in this space.”

“At Ultiverse, we’re striving to build the most immersive social gaming experience available to players on blockchain and music is an integral part of delivering on that promise as it adds emotion and vibrancy to the overall experience in great amounts. Corite with their pedigree in the music industry and dedication to disrupting the traditional dichotomy between artists and fans is exactly the type of project we’re thrilled to partner with,” said Frank Ma, CEO of Ultiverse.

About Corite

Corite lets artists turn fans into backers, supporting the artists’ vision, work and music. Whether it’s making a royalty advance, handling marketing campaigns, or finding new listeners, followers and collaborators, Corite is there for the artists every step of the way. Corite decentralizes the traditional record deal model, affording independent artists financial and creative freedom, and direct engagement with their fans like never before. When fans and artists are sharing in the success of a project, the bond between them grows stronger. All people are experts in the music they love. All artists are born free. All great art comes from shattering norms and breaking old rules. Corite believes that the future of the music industry will be driven by fan power. Corite is founded by three music and media industry veterans, Mattias Tengblad, Emil Angervall and Emelie Olsson.


About Ultiverse

Ultiverse is building the social gaming metaverse that connects Web3 with an immersive fully VR compatible virtual world with AAA quality. By empowering players of various economic abilities to build mutually beneficial relationships, Ultiverse is aimed at creating a first-of-its-kind MetaFi.

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