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Today, we are proud to present you a technology that will change how humans communicate, share, love and live.

Aside from our main activity focused on developing the future of game distribution, we have been working on a secret technology. In order to solve information bias in social interactions, we came up with a brand new hardware and called it: the ThinkTwice.

The most important technology in history

ThinkTwice is a very simple but sturdy device you wear as a helmet, connected to a decentralized AI network that collects publicly available online facts to help you validate what you think and say. We designed this technology to be primarily used in the Blockchain industry.

With 99.99% accuracy, ThinkTwice whispers in your ears in real-time, information about projects you are looking into: Is it the real deal? Are partnerships legit? ThinkTwice can also correct your videos to make them relevant and accurate. No more biased reviews, only facts.

To demonstrate this incredible invention, we submitted the latest video from William Quigley (Co-founder of WaX) to ThinkTwice. In just 5 minutes, it produced a perfectly corrected video, entirely free from misinterpretations or misunderstandings.

As you saw with your own eyes, ThinkTwice can help millions of people all around the world to share valid information. This revolutionary technology will give content creators an invaluable support to help them produce accurate content we all deserve.

Pre-order our revolutionary device today, April the 1st !

Ultra is bringing the blockchain revolution to the gaming industry and creating a fair ecosystem for the future of games distribution.

Join our telegram community and get updated in real time about our (real) next announcements!




PC game distribution platform powered by blockchain

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