Galaxy DroidZ Drops Exclusively on the Uniq Marketplace

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The unique 1 of 1 pieces will become available to users of the Uniq Marketplace from the 29th of August

During the Uniq Marketplace closed beta, we introduced a special collection named Alpha Droidz to closed beta testers. This collection was a huge success for the Galaxy DroidZ team, selling out in mere minutes as Ultra testers rushed to get their hands on them.

Now that we’re approaching the public launch of the Uniq Marketplace, we’re excited to announce that the official Galaxy DroidZ collection will be dropping from day one of the launch!

🤺 What is the Galaxy DroidZ collection?

Galaxy DroidZ is an exclusive collection that will only be available to buy and sell on the Uniq Marketplace. The collection was created by two of Ultra’s longest serving community members and aims to strengthen the Ultra community, while also fostering more evangelism of the platform as we take on the games industry.

Every theme, variation, color palette, background, and overall style in this limited collection has been meticulously planned and produced by the Galaxy DroidZ team. This limited collection has been a long time in the making, and we’re thrilled to have it drop exclusively on the Uniq Marketplace from day 1 of launch.

🎨 Classes and rarities

The Galaxy DroidZ collection consists of 767 completely unique DroidZ that are segmented into one of eight classes: Assassin, Barbarian, Heavy, Ninja, Soldier, Hunter, Wizard and Samurai. This is broken down into three main categories: Base DroidZ, Themed DroidZ, and Special DroidZ.

Base DroidZ are DroidZ that have various coloured backgrounds depending on their rarity. Themed DroidZ are the same eight Droid classes in visually distinct styles and themes, such as retro or cyberpunk.

Special DroidZ are one of a kind DroidZ with unique design elements. These will be among the rarest of DroidZ and could be anything from a French Legionnaire Soldier Droid to a Kurosawa style Samurai.

As well as classes and themes, there are 6 levels of rarities in this collection. Each Droid is assigned a rarity level which can be distinguished through the background color of the Uniq.

The rarities of the DroidZ are as follows:

Uncommon: Grey/desaturated background

~27% of the collection consists of uncommon Droidz

Rare: Blue background

~26% of the collection consists of rare Droidz

Super-rare: Green background

~19% of the collection consists of super-rare Droidz

Ultra-rare: Purple background

~13% of the collection consists of ultra-rare Droidz

Legendary: Gold background

~10% of the collection consists of legendary Droidz


~5% of the collection consists of animated Droidz

Utility is, in part, determined by rarity, with some perks only becoming accessible through owning a higher level Droid.

🎇 Galactic Power and utility

The Galaxy DroidZ radiate a mysterious energy called Galactic Power (GP). Depending on the DroidZ rarity level, each one has a specific GP rating between 1–35. As a Droid holder, you’ll be able to accumulate GP and your total GP rating is calculated through the total number of DroidZ owned by a single Ultra account.

Weekly snapshots of the Ultra blockchain will be taken to determine each holder’s overall GP rating. Having a higher GP rating brings many benefits, including your influence in community votes and a higher chance of winning one of the Galaxy DroidZ raffles with prizes ranging from cash UOS to one-of-a-kind special DroidZ.

Part of Galaxy Droidz’s mission is to help strengthen the Ultra community, as well as build awareness and adoption of the Ultra platform. The Galaxy DroidZ will in part be funding these efforts through the Galaxy DroidZ Warchest. 15% of all primary sales of Galaxy DroidZ goes in to the Galaxy DroidZ warchest, which the creators will use to fund various contests and initiatives that reward the Galaxy DroidZ community and also those that build awareness and exposure of the Ultra platform.

They will also be using the warchest to directly reward Galaxy DroidZ community members through prizes, bounties and other offerings. Follow Galaxy DroidZ to stay updated when they announce more about how they plan to use the Galaxy DroidZ Warchest in the future.

📅 Drop schedule

We’ll be releasing the full Galaxy DroidZ collection on the Uniq Marketplace through a series of scheduled drops.

The breakdown will be roughly as follows:

  • Roughly ~120 Galaxy Droid Uniqs will be released on the Uniq Marketplace on the 29th of August
  • Following the launch, there will be scheduled bi-weekly drops of ~70 Uniqs (every two weeks), for 12 weeks (7 additional drops totalling ~500 Uniqs) — this is in part to ensure people have multiple chances to secure a Galaxy Droid
  • Around ~100 Uniqs will be reserved for use in lotteries, giveaways, special events and other cool things

The exact dates and times of the launch and subsequent drops are yet to be announced so make sure to follow our Twitter and join the mailing list to stay updated on the release schedule.

⏲ Update on the Alpha DroidZ raffle

With the Galaxy DroidZ collection dropping for the launch of the Uniq Marketplace, we can now start conducting the raffles for the Alpha DroidZ collection. We will be scheduling deadlines for these raffles to take place, so there’s still time to buy and trade the Alpha DroidZ on the Uniq Marketplace.

We will update everyone on the schedule of the Alpha DroidZ raffles on Twitter and contact the winners accordingly.

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