Heading Towards the Third and Final Stage of Testing the Uniq Marketplace!

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6 min readJul 6, 2022


Be in with the chance of gaining access to the final stage of testing and grab some Lvl 2 Alpha DroidZ

We’ve had a successful closed beta for the Uniq Marketplace so far. With many sold out Uniqs, a bunch of happy players, and more of you wanting access, we’re ready to initiate phase 3!

This third phase will introduce a new set of Uniqs from the Alpha DroidZ collection, as well as some features that we’ve added to ensure we’re ready for launch. The intent of this phase is to replicate how the app will perform for the launch of the Uniq Marketplace. Because of this, we must ensure everything works as it should and that the app is intuitive, easy to use, and functions as intended.

So far, we’re right on schedule to release the third and final edition of the closed beta, welcoming more users to the app and getting their final feedback before we open up to the general public!

✅ What we learnt from Phase 2

During phase 2, we brought on 500 more players to test the Uniq Marketplace and gave them the opportunity to buy the Alpha DroidZ collection. Our goal for this phase was to gather more feedback specifically from those who aren’t too familiar with NFT marketplaces so we ensure our app is usable by everyone, regardless of their knowledge and experience in the blockchain space.

Players were once again asked to purchase Uniqs on the first and second hand marketplace with credit card and UOS to give feedback on their experience using the Uniq Marketplace. We were pleased to see even more positive feedback from new players, and we experienced no major bugs during this phase (yay)!

Here are some more testimonials from a few of our new closed beta testers:

“The UI is straightforward, it’s natural to know where to click to accomplish essential actions (view NFTs available for sale, purchase one, sell one)” — mirandaa1304

“Fluent, fast, understandable” — william.monnier64

“As easy as making any order on internet nowadays, so extremely easy” — p.chretien.10

“I showed the platform to my family members and asked them to buy UNIQs — they succeeded without a problem” — puopis

As always, regardless of the positive feedback we receive we’re all ears when it comes to your ideas on what we can do to make the experience even better. We released a feedback form that gathered testers’ thoughts on the marketplace and we will be assessing how to improve further.

We were also extremely satisfied with the turnout of the Alpha DroidZ collection, with almost the entire collection selling out in less than a day!

Here’s some stats on the outcome of the Alpha DroidZ collection so far:

  • 83% of the DroidZ sold on the first-hand marketplace, with the only token factory remaining being the Soldier Alpha Droid
  • The Barbarian Alpha DroidZ sold out in less than 3 minutes from going live
  • The Barbarian, Heavy, and Ninja Alpha DroidZ all sold out in less than 1 hour
  • The top second-hand sale to date is a 9,999 UOS Barbarian Droid
  • Uniqs were bought from players in over 30 countries

🤔 What happens in phase 3?

For the third and final stage of testing, we’re adding an additional 1,000 users to the Uniq Marketplace!

We’ll be adding a mix of players for this round, whether you’re familiar with NFTs or not, you’ll all be considered for selection. Once we’ve enabled access to our last team of testers, we’ll let them know the date and time in which the Level 2 Alpha DroidZ will drop and we’ll commence with phase 3 shortly after.

We are particularly interested in feedback relating to:

  • The overall ease of use of the Uniq Marketplace
  • P2P Uniq transfers
  • The search function
  • The process of purchasing a Uniq with credit card and UOS
  • Purchasing first and second hand Uniqs
  • Setting a Uniq for sale

🤖 Introducing Level 2 Alpha Droidz!

Two of our most OG Ultra community members have set out to take over the Ultraverse with their Galaxy DroidZ and they’ve started off with the Alpha DroidZ!

Alpha DroidZ are a collection of Uniqs that were specifically designed for the Uniq Marketplace closed beta and we released the Level 1 variations in the previous stage of testing. Now that we’re opening up the marketplace to even more users, we’re ready to drop Level 2 DroidZ into the mix!

In case you didn’t know, each droid in this collection features a class that will appear in the official Galaxy DroidZ collection that will launch upon the release of the Uniq Marketplace.

With each droid comes varying utility and the aim of the game is to collect one of each Uniq to be entered into several raffles. The more of the various classes you collect, the more raffles you will be entered to, giving you the chance to win multiple different Galaxy DroidZ when the Uniq Marketplace launches!

How the raffles work:

  • Owning 1 Alpha Droid enters you into the level 1 raffle, granting 5 winners with a Rare Galaxy Droid.
  • Owning 3 Alpha DroidZ enters you into a level 2 raffle, granting 3 winners with a Super-rare Galaxy Droid.
  • Owning 5 Alpha DroidZ enters you into a level 3 raffle, granting only 1 winner with an Ultra-rare Galaxy Droid.
  • Owning 8 Alpha Droidz enters you into a level 4 raffle, granting only 1 winner with a Legendary Galaxy Droid
  • This means that if you own 5 Alpha DroidZ, for example, you’ll be entered into the level 1, 2, and 3 raffles. This gives you a chance to win a Rare, Super-rare, and Ultra-rare Galaxy Droid!

Owning the full collection of all 10 Alpha Droidz, which will be gradually released throughout the Uniq Marketplace closed beta, will enter you into a special level 5 raffle, granting only 1 winner with an Animated Legendary Galaxy Droid.

🏃‍♂️ How to enter for a chance to gain closed beta access

Apply through our form

Due to high demand, we’ve created a google form that we will pick closed beta testers from. Please ensure that you have successfully created an Ultra account via the desktop client otherwise you will be unable to join the closed beta. Throughout the entire closed beta, we will be selecting more and more users to join us and test the Uniq Marketplace.

Please make sure to fill out all your information accurately to ensure your best chances of being chosen for the closed beta.

Sign up to our mailing list

We’ll also be selecting people to join us in the closed beta from our mailing list so make sure to join it if you haven’t already!

To get on our mailing list, head to our website, scroll down to the bottom, and click on “Subscribe to Newsletter”.

Stay active on Twitter and Discord

We’ll be reaching out to many of you that constantly show us support on both Discord and Twitter to get you set up on the Uniq Marketplace.

Staying active on Twitter and Telegram will help us recognise you which increases your chances of being selected for the closed beta!

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