The Uniq Marketplace Closed Beta

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5 min readMar 16, 2022


Join the Uniq Marketplace closed beta for the chance to buy and sell the most exclusive Uniq NFTs on Ultra

The Uniq Marketplace has been in development for quite some time now and we’re excited to finally reveal our release process!

We’ll be handpicking some of the most active community members and giving you the opportunity to sign up for the closed beta — read to the end to find out how to enter.

🎢 The Uniq Marketplace closed beta: Explained

The purpose of the Uniq Marketplace closed beta is for our development team to test functionality, scale the platform, and discover any pesky bugs that haven’t shown themselves in our staging environment.

We have a fresh new collection of Uniqs that will be added to the marketplace just in time for the closed beta that we’ll share with you on Twitter! We’ll also be adding more and more users and content to the closed beta as it progresses.

Our closed beta users will be expected to perform first and second hand transactions on the marketplace with all the different Uniqs we have on there.

Specifically, we’ll be focusing on:

  • The stability of the Uniq Marketplace
  • Blockchain transaction success
  • The performance of first and second hand sales
  • Identifying unknown or unintentional features
  • Testers’ feedback on UI and UX of the app

We welcome any and all feedback from our closed beta users relating to the app, as well as suggestions to improve a user’s experience.

🛠 Where we’re currently at with the Uniq Marketplace

Some of the OG Ultra community members got the chance to test the Uniq Marketplace in December. They were one of the first and only people (aside from employees) that got their hands on the Ultra Founders collection, which they can choose to resell at any time.

During this time, they provided us with immeasurable feedback which helped raise the overall quality of the Uniq Marketplace. Now that we’ve implemented and integrated a few vital changes to the app, we’re ready to open up to more users with new Uniqs to see what you all think.

🔓 How to enter the Uniq Marketplace closed beta

There are various ways you can apply to be a part of the Uniq Marketplace closed beta, giving you the opportunity to get your hands on some of Ultra’s most exclusive Uniqs.

Hint: Doing all the activities mentioned below increases your chances of getting in on the action ;)

Apply through our form

We’re lucky enough to have thousands of supporters and we’d love to add as many people to the closed beta as possible. Due to high demand, we’ve created a google form that we will pick users from. Please ensure that you have successfully created an Ultra account via the desktop client otherwise you will be unable to join the closed beta. Throughout the entire closed beta, we will be selecting more and more users to join us and test the Uniq Marketplace.

To be in with a chance of being one of the lucky few who will join our closed beta, make sure to fill out the sign up form!

Please make sure to fill out all your information accurately to ensure your best chances of being chosen for the closed beta.

Sign up to our mailing list

We’ll also be selecting people to join us in the closed beta from our mailing list. If you’re already signed up, you rock! If you’re not, this is your chance as we’ll be sending exclusive access passes to those who have signed up throughout the entire closed beta period.

To join the mailing list, head to our website, scroll down to the bottom, and click on “Subscribe to Newsletter”.

Enter our YouTube competition

To enter through YouTube, head to our latest episode of Ultra Chill (S2E3), like the video, and leave a comment.

Stay active on Twitter and Telegram

Those who support us on Telegram and Twitter, we see you and love you! The least we could do to show our gratitude is to share closed beta access with you. We’ll be reaching out to many of you that constantly show us support on both Telegram and Twitter to get you set up on the Uniq Marketplace.

Staying active on Twitter and Telegram will help us recognise you which increases your chances of being selected for the closed beta!

💻 The Uniq Marketplace: What is it?

The Uniq Marketplace is a robust NFT marketplace that lives on the Ultra platform.

It’s powered by Ultra’s NFT standard, meaning that there are absolutely ZERO gas fees (yep, you read that right!), almost instant transactions, and the potential for a range of digital assets that hold a ton of utility.

We see the Uniq Marketplace as the heart of Ultra’s ecosystem, where players can find, buy, and sell all types of digital assets. Whether you want to buy a pre-owned game, collect Uniqs from a range of brands and artists, or mint your own — all of this and more will be possible.

The marketplace will constantly evolve, as will all our other apps, with new features to fulfil our mission of providing the most robust marketplace for digital assets out there.

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The Uniq Marketplace
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