Ultra Chill Recap: Questions and Answers — All about NFTs with David Hanson

Rami James
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6 min readJan 14, 2022


To start out the new year right, we thought that it would be great to reach out to our awesome Ultra community and have them ask us all their burning questions. We managed to get through 15 excellent questions about NFTs, our marketplace, and much more!

A quick note on the questions themselves: we left them as they were typed on Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn except in the case of questions which were asked in French, where we give an approximate translation. Each video is time-stamped and loads from that question.


How do the interactions between in-game NFTs work on Ultra?

We built our NFTs standard to be feature apendable into the future. Ultra understands that how NFTs are managed, and how developers and users will need to interact with the blockchain to make games fair, engaging, and fun is complicated. Our goal is to provide the tools and methodologies so that this can be a reality.

How does the Uniq Marketplace stand out against others?

We believe that a vibrant ecosystem of NFTs only benefits Ultra. Our NFT standard and our network have been designed from the ground up to be used by large-scale, corporate businesses. Our goal is to be number one not per-marketplace, but number one in aggregate users across all marketplaces.

How do cross-play NFTs work?

It’s important to remember the incentivization mechanisms that push developers to make games. It’s not likely that all games will leverage cross-game NFTs, as that is a lot of extra work for developers. Instead it will likely be used as a marketing tool to gain a competitive advantage.

Can you rent an NFT?

Translation: “Hi Rami, will it be possible to put our NFTs up for rent? For example, an expensive sword that only a few can afford, will it be possible to put it up for rent for a day or for a month?”

Yes! We’re really excited about this functionality and will leave it up to developers to how they will want to deploy this kind of functionality to complement their specific business case.

Can you authenticate and segment NFTs on the Uniq Marketplace?

Yes, we’ll be supporting tags on our NFTs. There is an extensive tag system already built in to the games client. We will also provide filtering mechanisms in the search and explore features of the client. Together this will enable users to find, for example, all the NFTS from a company in a subset of tags you are interested in.

Are there limitations to gaming NFTs?

Game NFTs quantities can be limited if a developer chooses. There are a lot of interesting and exciting marketing opportunities associated with this functionality. In principle, a developer can leverage Ultra’s network and NFT standard, while providing their own CDN, DRM, and client to interface with them. It is, afterall, an open network!

Can you crowd-fund through NFTs?

Translation: “Would it be possible to raise funds with NFTs, like some sort of crowdfunding? Say, an indie would create NFTs in order to raise funds, players would fund the devs by buying these NFTs which would have in-game utility down the road.”

Yes. Basically the developer can sell NFTs, users can purchase them, and when the game is developed, users will be able to use those NFTs in-game. We believe that this will eventually become a central feature of Ultra’s gaming offering.

How do crypto games and UOS work?

We believe that it is always going to be a mix. The reason why is because the marketplace always UOS. The game itself can have its own currency, that leverages its own business logic.

Music NFTs coming to Ultra?

Because the basic requirements for delivering music is already in place via our CDN, and ensuring that a creator’s rights are protected via DRM, music is a perfect fit for the Ultra client. There are many interesting things that can only be done on Ultra’s network, for example automatic per-play payments, limited edition songs, and much more.

Will Ultra expand to mobile?

Ultra’s core technology has all be developed with the intent to expand into other markets, including mobile, consoles, etc. We are stabilizing the current desktop platform and are looking to expand into mobile in 2022.

Will Ultra’s NFT standard be compatible with other marketplaces?

Yes, Ultra’s NFT standard is accessible by other market platforms simply by integrating our network and standard.

Yes! Generally NFT standards are immutable and can not grow. Ours is feature appendable, which will allow us to add interesting new functionality like trade offers, auctions, and much more in the near future.

Will Ultra consider having a cross-chain wallet?

In principle, we are not against it. First we want to complete our implementation that solves core problems that we have identified. Ultra’s client does allow external blockchain supporting games and apps to be published on our platform, but developers will have to provide solutions for wallet top-up, authentication, and signing of transactions. They will also have to educate their users how to use all of that functionality.

How does Ultra work in China?

Very good question! Because of David and Nicolas’ extensive experience with the Chinese market, from day one they knew that there was a risk with operating a crypto platform in China. There has always been a plan B: allowing multiple payment methods from within the client. For countries like China that limit crypto use, we can offer a version of the client that disallows payment with UOS. Publishers, developers, etc. would still get paid through our systems, as usual.

Will Ultra’s mainnet be interoperable with other blockchains?

Currently we are watching the other deployments of EVMs on EOSIO-based networks so that we can understand the pros and cons. For Ultra’s use-case there is limited benefit in offering an EVM, and we are pushing that functionality out into the future. Asset swaps are already enabled for ERC-20 tokens, and we have in our roadmap plans to extend this to BSC, EOS, and more networks so that users and developers can take advantage of liquidity and userbases on other networks.

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