Ultra Partners with Metaverse Card Game Cross The Ages

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7 min readFeb 23, 2022


New and upcoming metaverse game, Cross The Ages, will leverage Ultra’s ecosystem to provide perks and rewards to players

We’re constantly on the lookout for new games that would benefit from our ecosystem and excite players around the world and we’re thrilled to reveal that we’ve partnered with none other than Cross The Ages!

Bringing Artellium to the Ultraverse

Cross The Ages is the first blockchain powered game that will allow players to collect digital cards with physical activation.

As part of our multi-year partnership, we’ll be supporting Cross The Ages in content acquisition, distribution, and leveraging our ecosystem to provide benefits to players globally.

Cross The Ages will be available on Ultra Games and we’ll be providing players that download the title from Ultra with NFT card packs that can be used in-game.

“Cross The Ages is a game that impressed us right from the start. We noticed early on that it’s not your average card game, rather using blockchain technology in a range of unique ways that can evolve over the years.

We’re excited to be working with the team on distributing the game to our players, utilizing our ecosystem, and implementing interesting perks and rewards for those who choose to own Cross The Ages on Ultra.”

Nicolas Gilot, Co-CEO of Ultra

Cross The Ages is a collectible card game based on the rich and exciting universe of the “Cross The Ages” saga. Players face off in intense turn-based duels, with each match lasting an average of 5 minutes.

The objective is to create the best strategy to conquer and control the maximum space within the battle Arena. Each player starts the game with a collection of 20 digital cards. Ten cards are then randomly selected and form the player’s deck. The fight can begin.

“Cross The Ages is designed to be a game that is accessible to all. We believe by partnering with Ultra and distributing our game to a platform that is providing all key games industry services under a single roof, accessible through a single login, can really bring our vision to reality.

We’re excited to be working with Ultra and expanding the demographics of gamers and bringing our immersive entertainment game to the Ultra communities.”

Sami Chlagou, CEO and Founder of Cross The Ages

Discover Cross The Ages

The team behind Cross The Ages are lovers of collecting cards and deeply experienced in publishing and developing a range of video games.

Sami Chlagou, CEO and Co-Founder of Cross The Ages, has successfully founded several games companies, including the publishing house Pixelheart. As the founder of five international game development studios that have produced more than fifty video games on console and PC, with some titles reaching over one million yearly downloads, he’s taking the games industry by storm. Chairman and Co-Founder, Christophe de Courson, has a decades worth of experience in the blockchain sector, bringing impressive strategic expertise to Cross The Ages. The CTO, Toni Caradonna, is one of the founding members of the Swiss Blockchain Federation and brings strong blockchain knowledge and expertise.

Cross The Ages team

The team also has over 130 experienced founders, artists, writers, and game product and blockchain engineers on board. With a solid range of skilled games veterans, Cross The Ages will take the blockchain and broader games industry by storm.

Cross The Ages stands out as way more than your traditional card game. It’s a dynamic universe where fantasy and science fiction collide. The continent of Artellium, the place in which Cross The Ages is set, consists of several themes and is based on seven novels.

The Continent of Artellium in Cross The Ages

With deeply integrated lore, an epic dark fantasy world to explore, and a range of powerful abilities, we’re excited to see Cross The Ages released this year. We’ll be sharing exclusive gameplay, cinematics, NFTs, and more over the coming months!

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About Ultra

Ultra is the first entertainment platform providing all key games industry services under a single roof, accessible through a single login.

Built around our PC games distribution store, Ultra Games, our platform will provide access to countless centralized and decentralized services: Discover, buy, play and sell your games and in-game items, watch live-streaming feeds, interact with your favorite influencers, participate in contests, compete in tournaments, and much more.

Ultra has been built to provide endless value for players, a fair playing ground for developers, and a whole new world of opportunities for the games industry.

For more information, visit ultra.io and onultra.io and follow along on Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, and Discord.

About Cross The Ages

Cross the Ages is a free-to-play game, based on free-to-read novels, that allows anybody with access to a smartphone or desktop to enter the Universe to start collecting digital cards.

We are the only card game that enables the full value chain cycle from digital cards on mobile phones, through decentralized and mintable non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on a blockchain all the way to physical cards in the real world that are secured with near field communication technology (NFC).

This full lifecycle allows for the creation and accumulation of greater value over time for our players. Due to the game`s cleverly designed fun incentivization mechanisms through quests, challenges and rewards, the players will become exponentially more active in the game and will start exploring the blockchain space within the game. Leveraging smart tokenomics using both an in-game token as well as a decentralized blockchain-based token, users will have the opportunity to fully engage and experience what it takes to go from an in-game asset to a decentralized tradeable asset, then finally into the physical collectible space.

Play, earn, collect and enjoy an evolving Metaverse from its genesis. With our beta just around the corner one novel already available, there is no better time to join our Discord and follow our Twitter to become a part of the story.