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Ultra Partners with Polkastarter Gaming, the Leading Fundraising Platform’s Gaming Division

Ultra and Polkastarter Gaming join forces to bring new opportunities for gaming projects

Bringing more projects to the Ultraverse!

Ultra is creating an interconnected ecosystem for gamers to access a variety of services through one single client. Ultra’s games store, Ultra Games, offers players various ways to truly take control of their gaming experiences. When logging into the platform, players will be able to explore games, new content, streams, and tournaments, as well as sell their digital assets (games, DLCs, in-game items, and more) on the Uniq Marketplace.

Promotion and introductions

Ultra and Polkastarter Gaming have agreed on a co-marketing partnership, aiming to expand coverage for both brands.


Selected companies and game developers will gain access to Ultra’s SDK (software development kit), testing and development tools, and the blockchain state AP. For newer projects, these resources will facilitate the introduction to Ultra’s tools and technology.

Distribution and listings

Ultra will distribute games, apps, and Uniqs (NFTs), introduced by Polkastarter Gaming, throughout Ultra’s ecosystem. Ultra will also list an unannounced carbon-neutral token initiative on the Polkastarter DEX.

Get to know Polkastarter Gaming

Polkastarter Gaming aims to democratize how blockchain gaming projects access venture capital funding by offering a public and fair alternative for retail investors. Polkastarter Gaming’s team curates the best gaming experiences, insights, events, and opportunities with multi-chain support for some of the most popular blockchain networks, and will now provide added services to Ultra-powered projects.

  • An active community of over 70,000 gamers on Discord and +30,000 on Twitter.
  • Web3 game-specific advisory working closely with game studios behind leading game titles and brands, in addition to blockchain-specific experience.
  • A curated list of projects with their respective due diligence for investors.
  • Direct access to early-stage games and high-potential titles looking for ecosystem partners & fundraising opportunities.
  • A supportive network of +100 companies, including VCs, exchanges, etc. within the Polkastarter launchpad ecosystem.
  • A DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), comprising of independent companies, projects, and individuals that support decision-making and help guide the fundraising platform’s development.
  • A fully-compliant and legally sound fundraising platform.

About Ultra

Ultra is the first entertainment platform providing all key games industry services under a single roof, easily accessible through a single login.

About Polkastarter Gaming

Polkastarter Gaming is the web3 fundraising platform’s first step at reimagining the future of blockchain gaming by lowering the barrier to entering the play-and-earn space for web3 & traditional gamers alike.

About Polkastarter

Polkastarter is the leading decentralized fundraising platform enabling crypto’s most innovative projects to kick start their journey and grow their communities. Polkastarter allows its users to make research-based decisions to participate in high-potential IDOs, NFT sales, and Gaming projects.



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