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5 min readNov 16, 2020


We’ve been asked for some Ultra goodies and swags for a long time and we are happy to announce a contest in which you, our community, will determine the nature and design of the official Ultra swag! Design your dream T-shirt, hoodie, socks, bag, pen, mug, or anything you wish, and submit your creation to our team before November 29, 2020, to get a chance to win your designed swag and 1000 UOS.

[29/11 UPDATE] We extended the contest duration by 1 week. The deadline is now December 6, 11:59pm UTC. Good luck everyone!

1. Choose your support

For people that are not familiar with custom goodies and swags creation, we recommend Printful, but you are free to choose the service you want (like Champion, Vistaprint, Swag.com, and so on).

Once you choose your service/website, familiarize yourself with the dimension, resolution, format, and color constraints of your desired support. For example, if you want to design a mug on Printful, you need to go in the Home & living category, then the Mugs category. Then you choose a Mug, for this example the White Glossy Mug. Once on the item’s page, click on the red Start designing button. There you’ll see that you need to provide only one picture and, by clicking on Product info, pricing & guidelines link on the left, that the picture you will submit for the contest needs to be at least 9'’ x 3.5'’, 300 dpi, in PNG or JPEG.

You could also design an all-over T-shirt, again on Printful. You would then need to prepare 4 very high-quality designs (front, back, left sleeve, right sleeve) of minimum 3000x3000 pixels @ 300 dpi (6000x6000 pixels @ 300 dpi recommended) for each part.

Please note that any entry whose dimensions or resolution are too low may not be taken into account. The same goes for websites or supports that are too sketchy or impossible for us to adapt to.

2. Make your design

Once you choose your favorite goodie or swag, you can start to design it. Since we want desirable products that both represent Ultra and look cool, here are some guidelines:

  • If you want to use the logo, make it look awesome! try your best effects, colors or backgrounds. Ultra swag doesn’t need to be an ad for Ultra, but rather a piece of art that makes people want to look into Ultra.
  • We will issue the selected swag in a limited quantity. That’s why we are looking for something really special that will stand out, something unique.
  • You can help yourself with our Press Kit, but keep in mind that we are way more likely to select original artworks than memes.

3. Win your swag

Once you have done your design, submit it to the Ultra Swag Contest Telegram group with the name of the support and the service/website you choose in order to participate. After November 29, 2020, we will announce the winners and the series that will be produced. Winners will each receive their creation + 1000 UOS and the remaining issued swag will be granted through special events during the upcoming months.

  • The contest will be held between November 16 and November 30, 2020.
  • [29/11 UPDATE] We extended the contest duration by 1 week. The deadline is now December 6, 11:59pm UTC. Good luck everyone!
  • Participants need to submit their files to the contest group on Telegram and mention the item (name or URL) their design should be applied to. It is strongly advised to upload a ZIP or RAR file containing both the pictures and a TXT file which mention the name or URL of the corresponding support. This way, it is easier for us to validate entries and reward the winners.
  • After the contest ends on December 7, 2020, Ultra will select 3 winners and announce them the following week.
  • The prizes are the 3 winning swags and 3000 UOS (1000 UOS per winner).
  • Each winner will receive their creation accompanied by a certificate of authenticity as well as 1000 UOS shortly after the winners’ announcement.

Each winning swag will be issued in limited quantities that will be determined and announced during the winners’ announcement. Contest winners will receive the first swag of their respective series while the remaining will be offered during various forthcoming events and giveaways.

Be prepared for amazing community events and a few surprises related to the Ultra swag, you might want to be among the first owners of the Ultra rare merch.

About Ultra

Ultra is the first entertainment platform providing all key games industry services under a single roof, accessible through a single login.

Built around our PC games distribution store, Ultra Games, our platform will provide access to countless centralized and decentralized services: Discover, buy, play and sell your games and in-game items, watch live-streaming feeds, interact with your favorite influencers, participate in contests, compete in tournaments, and much more.

Ultra has been built to provide endless value for players, a fair playing ground for developers, and a whole new world of opportunities for the games industry.

For more information, visit ultra.io and onultra.io and follow along on Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, and Discord.