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The Uniq Marketplace, a digital assets marketplace powered by Ultra’s NFT standard, is home to several utility-driven projects and collections. We’re always on the hunt for creators that push the boundaries when it comes to digital assets and that will benefit from joining the Ultraverse. That’s why we organized the Uniq Hackathon.

After five intense weeks, 41 participants ended up submitting their projects for the chance to win. We were looking for sets of at least 5 (and a limit of 10,000) unique designs that provided a solid concept and a high quality overall, comprising a Uniq PFP collection.

With $30,000 worth of prizes up for grabs, our judges have chosen their favorite projects based on the hackathon’s criteria. The judging criteria and more specifics can be found in the original announcement.

Firstly, we would like to thank everyone who participated in the hackathon for their hard work and effort in putting together amazing projects. The complete gallery of submissions can be found here. Also, thanks to all our judges! Their thoughtful approach and time to review all the submissions have been of great value.

Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at our winners!

Uniq Hackathon 2022 Winners

🏆 Grand Prize: Dev Heroes

Coding their way through the competition, the project Dev Heroes has been selected for the Grand Prize of $10,000 in UOS tokens!

Dev Heroes aims to create a cohesive, unified place where developers and their fans can co-exist. They also mentioned that the project’s Uniqs (NFTs), if added to the Uniq Marketplace, will provide meticulously-thought utility to create a growing ecosystem and distribute incentives to the holders. Dev Heroes aims to become a community for indie games and a talent pool of developers and creators within the industry. Follow them on Twitter.

“Ultra has an incredibly large but focused scope and continues to deliver on all fronts. They consistently deliver high quality, polished products and raise the bar for web3 gaming. Ultra continues to refine their products to deliver A+ experience front to back. Ultra’s vision for a frictionless and fee-less experience for both user and developer will radically change the industry by enabling all developers to seamlessly integrate web3, Uniqs, and other blockchain aspects while providing users a fluid experience.”

– Konner Moshier from Dev Heroes

🥇 First Runner-Up: Lords of Goblin Town

Watch out for the goblins! Lords of Goblin Town is the first runner-up, winning $5,000 in UOS tokens.

Taking their inspiration from the “Goblin Town” meme, the team envisioned a voxel-style blockchain game where players could buy their Goblin character, a customizable cave, and furniture as Uniqs, host P2P sessions, and socialize with other players. Follow them on Twitter.

“Ultra is the next step for gaming, complete ownership of your digital collectibles without the complexity, cost and slow speeds of early block chain tech. The team behind Lords of Goblin Town are early investors and want to be apart of the endless possibilities to build upon, we’re excited to begin scratching the surface, in-game economy’s with REAL value, cross-game assets bundled by a forward thinking team in a slick package. Ultra is Life.”

– Scott Rzepecki, Jesse Juzwin, Josh Brandon, Rayner Brandon from Lords of Goblin Town

🥈 Second Runner-Up: Ultra Run Meta

Coming in as the second runner-up, Ultra Run Meta will be awarded $3,000 in UOS tokens.

Ultra Run Meta is a blockchain-based fantasy and platform video game project. Inspired by early 2010 games, they plan to release their first collection of Uniqs called “Ultra Girl.” Follow the creator’s Instagram.

“Ultra is the universe in which the power of blockchain will be able to be exploited to its full potential through the video game. “

– Geffred Tchapda

🥉 Third Runner-Up: Ultra Apes

Who let the apes out?! Ultra Apes takes their place as the third runner-up and will be awarded $2,000 in UOS tokens.

A group of gamers created Ultra Apes, a collection of five different 3D apes, as a “symbol of a new digital revolution.” They plan to donate a portion of the sales to the conservation of primates. They also include several ideas of potential utility for the Uniqs, if the collection is released on the Uniq Marketplace, such as deciding the distribution of the fees and obtaining a subscription to the Theta streamer of their choice. Follow them on Twitter.

“The revolution that Ultra has set in motion is undoubtedly the best opportunity for gamers to finally be recognized and rewarded for their commitments to their favorite games. We are proud to be able to add our stone to the building, and to contribute on our small scale to this ecosystem. Ultra is the future of gaming.”

– Angelo and Navatard

Honorable Mentions

Again, we would like to thank each and every one of the participants for submitting their projects. You are all superstars! The final decision is not a reflection of your qualities as a creator. The judges focused on how the projects aligned with Ultra’s vision and mission. It was a hard decision to make!

Though only some people made the cut for the main prizes, we decided to grant these ten deserving projects an honorable mention and $1,000 in UOS tokens!

Thank you again to everyone who participated in this first edition of the Uniq Hackathon!

Now that the Uniq Marketplace is up and running, we hope to onboard more and more great projects for the community to enjoy. Follow us on the newly released Uniq Marketplace’s Twitter account to keep up with more news!

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