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6 min readSep 22, 2021


Today we are very excited to open a new chapter and transform how Ultra Stellar products work together. Furthermore, we propose a standard way for any products built on Stellar to interact with each other.

LOBSTR is where Ultra Stellar started but over the years of building in crypto, our suite has expanded to also include StellarX & StellarTerm. The Stellar ecosystem has grown immensely too with more wallets, platforms, interfaces, and use-cases being created daily.

All of these products need to be able to integrate. Users enjoy using multiple wallets to allow them to trade on the DEX, buy NFTs, provide liquidity into AMM pools, visualize their portfolio, and much more. Those wallets can reside on their mobile phones, browser extensions, or hardware devices like Ledger.

The challenge for us was to allow users of LOBSTR, the most popular Stellar wallet, to seamlessly and securely interact with different products whilst also giving users of other mobile wallets a way to use StellarX & StellarTerm.

🔗 About WalletConnect

WalletConnect has previously created a protocol for Ethereum, allowing wallets like MetaMask or TrustWallet to connect with other platforms in the Ethereum ecosystem. Currently, there are over a hundred different apps and wallets that can interact through the WalletConnect protocol.

WalletConnect acts as a secure bridge between your wallet and the app you are using in the browser. This technology allows you to simply scan a QR code with your wallet to establish the connection with the app.

With the success of this solution, the WalletConnect development team has created a brand new version in the form of WalletConnect 2.0. This new upgraded version of the WalletConnect protocol is chain agnostic, meaning that it is no longer limited to a single blockchain and can be adapted to function with multiple networks.

We are working with the WalletConnect team, as they make progress towards the release of v2. We defined standards for new WalletConnect protocol to support Stellar and added WalletConnect into all our products, leading the way for other apps in the Stellar ecosystem.

🤝 LOBSTR adds WalletConnect 2.0

We are pleased to announce that with our latest updates you can now use LOBSTR to connect to StellarX and StellarTerm, just by scanning a QR code. These updates are powered by our WalletConnect v2 integration and are already live. You can watch the video demo below to see how it works before checking it out for yourself.

Please note that this is a beta release, so there might be some stability issues for the time being. Rest assured, security is top notch. Private keys never leave your LOBSTR wallet. Once the connected application sends the transaction request to LOBSTR, you can review all the transaction details before you sign and submit it to the network.

Our team will continue using WalletConnect to give LOBSTR users access to upcoming products such as StellarX’s AMM interface. We are also in touch with several other teams building on Stellar who are currently adding WalletConnect support. Stay tuned for these upcoming updates.

This new way of interacting with Stellar applications doesn’t stop at Ultra Stellar products, you can use this login option on any Stellar-based platform that supports WalletConnect v2. As more apps & platforms enable this log-in functionality, you will be able to travel through the Stellar ecosystem with your favourite Stellar wallet in hand.

WalletConnect 2.0 provides developers with a simple way to onboard new users. No longer do they need to write custom code for each browser extension or mobile wallet to start gaining users. Instead, they can integrate WalletConnect and gain access to all the users of wallets with WalletConnect v2 enabled.

With its open-source nature, anyone can adopt WalletConnect. Whether you’re a developer of a Stellar exchange interface, gaming app, margin trading service, or even an NFT platform. From now, developers can set up faster than ever whilst also gaining access to LOBSTR’s large user base. This user base will only grow as more wallets integrate WalletConnect.

🧐 How it all works

If you’ve never used WalletConnect solutions before you may not understand what this all means so far. Let us show you how this works and introduce you to this new log in feature.

  1. Make sure to update your LOBSTR app to the latest version (v.7.5.0 or later). If you haven’t used LOBSTR before, get the app from either the Apple or Google Play stores:
    🍎 Download on the App Store
    🤖 Grab it on Google Play
  2. Once you have a Stellar wallet set up in LOBSTR, you can start making use of the WalletConnect function.
  3. On the home screen, navigate to the Universal QR Code Scanner in the top right corner. Then scan the QR code given to you by the service you’re using. In this example we used StellarTerm.

4. You will now see a Reject/Connect notification on the LOBSTR app. If you press Reject the connection will stop. If you press Connect then the service you’re using will login with your Stellar Wallet from LOBSTR. The app will get your wallet address, and will show you the content that is relevant to you.

5. From here you can now safely use the service with your Stellar Wallet and sign transactions. Once you input a transaction on the service you will receive a request to sign it inside the LOBSTR app. You can review all the details inside of LOBSTR and choose to Reject or Confirm the transaction.

If you click Confirm, the transaction will be submitted to the Stellar Network and will be processed in the next available ledger. If you press Reject the transaction will be aborted.

If you exit the Active Connections screen and need to get back then simply Navigate to the ≡ icon in the top left corner, click Settings, then choose WalletConnect from the menu.

That’s it! You can use LOBSTR with WalletConnect 2.0 to sign any transactions that you make, including trades, adding trustlines, and much more. This is an entirely new way of interacting with apps, which we think you will enjoy using.

Over time as more developers integrate WalletConnect you will be able to use LOBSTR to interact with more products within the Stellar ecosystem.

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To keep up to date with the WalletConnect team, follow them on Twitter @WalletConnect or visit their website at walletconnect.org.