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Ultrain Bi-Weekly Report(05.20–06.02)

We present you with the first project progress bi-weekly report since May20-June 2, We share our latest engagements and updates with our community and we thank you for your continuous support.

Technology Update from Ultrain

Ultrain’s Core Technology

1) Coding stage completed for the peer-to-peer network cross-domain solution and the static connection scheme. Currently working on the debugging procedure

2) Upgrade of main network completed and now uses the light client management mode to take over the main side chain management protocol;

3) Initiated the governance module framework planning, achieve decentralized management

4) Optimize the storage logic for historical data of nodes, to achieve data backup and recovery effectively

Ultrain’s Smart Contracts

1) Complete the UGAS mapping and testing

2) Write the documentation needed in the main network mapping process and complete the preparation of the relevant script tools.

Ultrain Developer Kit

1) Chrome plug-in wallet Cona 1.0.0 is released online, including transfer, collection, account synchronization, multi-account management and other functions;

2) Fixing the UltrainOne mobile network requires proxy access issues;

3) Complete the UltrainOne multi-wallet version development;

4) The historical data is switched to the API mode access, and the historical data node database is closed for external connection.

Ultrain’s Latest Community & Event Update

Ultrain Signs Strategic Deal with Kingsoft Cloud

On May 22, 2019 Ultrain signs strategic collaboration with Kingsoft cloud, one of China’s leading enterprise computing service providers, marking a significant step forward for both parties. Kingsoft cloud leverages on the technological innovation of its parent company, Kingsoft Corporation, to accumulates user and enterprise service platform with industry-leading experience and server expertise. The company has a number of core businesses such as cloud computing, extensive cloud storage, and cloud databases, as well as a gaming platform that serves CP and channel publishers.

Emma Liao Invited to ICT Spring for Panel Discussion; President of Luxemburg Attended the Event

Ultrain attended ICT Global Spring Europe 2019, a global tech conference, a two-day event that facilitates the meeting of minds, encourages emulation and networking with industry leaders. Is the place where digital era, technologies and science converge. And Ultrain, as a leader in the blockchain public chain technology, among other well-known corporation attended the conference.

150,000 USD Hypernova Competition for Application

Recently, Ultrain launched the “Hypernova” DApp series competition, which will invite BAT top developers and executives as members of the technical committee and invite top VC investors and blockchain experts at home and abroad as members of the investment committee to conduct a comprehensive survey. Team technology, products, business and other comprehensive strengths, to select them. Developers can now apply to the competition at https://developer.ultrain.io/incentive

Ultrain’s Collaboration with Tokenview

Recently, Ultrain announced that it has started cooperation with Tokenview, the world’s first full-currency blockchain browser and on-chain data platform. Super Brain Chain will cooperate with Tokenview in various aspects such as incentive distribution and community governance, combine the advantages of both parties in their respective fields, share various ecological resources, and jointly explore the development and governance model of the new generation blockchain to create a more Vitality, develop a more comprehensive super brain ecology.

Ultrain Conquers Africa! Emma Establishes Commercial Ecosystem in South Africa

Ultrain visited Africa on behalf of Ultrain, our wonder woman Emma successfully connected the powerful international network resources and joined hands with her dearest friends Dr. Iqbal Survé to achieve a full range collaboration with Ultrain and industry giant of South African Sekunjalo Cooperation will joint Ultrain to build comprehensive ecologies in Africa, such as payment, user incentives and food traceability with blockchain technology.

Emma Dialogue: On Ultrain’s Ecosystem Development and It’s Execution

Samuel, Vice President of Ultrain Ecosystem development, is a guest of the “Emma Dialogue”, a series of events to explain the development of Ultrain in the supply chain industry. He used to be Senior Consultant Manager of IBM Global Consulting Services / Partner and CTO of A Capital Fund. He has served many giant clients such as SF Express, Yuantong Express, China Mobile, Huawei, etc., and will be in the commercial application and landing of Ultrain

Contracts Are SAFE: Ultrain’s Smart Contracts Pass Security Audit by SlowMist

Over the past three weeks, SlowMist security team conducted a comprehensive audit on parts of Ultrain’s smart contract system, including design logic, authority control, system architecture. No security risks were found.

Ultrain Invited by Microsoft to “Close Door” Enterprise Solution Meeting

On behalf of Ultrain, Vice President of Ultrain ecosystem development, Samuel Xiao participated in a closed door meeting of Microsoft introduced the technical advantages and business development of Ultrain to everyone in the room and discussed the solutions of various industries in depth and received enthusiastic response from the guests!

The Journey that Cross Cultures and Time; Emma invited to Cartier’s Exhibition at the Palace

Emma returns from the continent of Africa. She was invited by Cartier to attend the Cartier and the palace museum craftsmanship and restoration exhibition. Where she explored beyond the boundaries of cultures with Ultrain’s advisor and board member of Richemont Keyu Jin. Cartier’s collaboration with the Forbidden City is a perfect blend of luxury and craftsmanship through ancient and modern Chinese / Western culture.

The above information demonstrated the progress of Ultrain from May 20 th to June 2st. Thank you for all your interest in Ultrain! Stay tuned for our latest developments and updates!



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