Ultrain Bi-Weekly Report(07/1–07/14)

Following is the biweekly report on the progress of the project from July 1 to July 14, which contains two items: project development progress and community dynamic update. It is for the community members to check. Thank you for your attention.

Technology Update from Ultrain

Ultrain’s Core Technology

1) Complete the updating of the main chain and all four side chains.

2) Encryption and decryption interface of sensitive information and abnormal message checking mechanism are added to enhance the security of nodes.

3) UDP application layer encapsulation framework completes pre-research and starts coding implementation;

4) Design a new side-chain link Polkadot to realize ecological docking with Polkadot.

5) Establish an automated testing framework for system contracts to ensure the stability of system contracts in the continuous development process.

Ultrain’s Smart Contracts

1) The Australian Side Chain Red Wine Traceability Project has completed the solution design and started coding implementation.

2) Integration development with Cobo Vault;

3) Digital Asset Deposit Agreement and Framework Research and Scheme Design;

4) Evolutionary Planet of Game Ecology Partner has provided relevant information, and Ultrain has completed preliminary analysis.

5) Supporting strategic partners to complete the collection of curriculum materials and preliminary curriculum arrangement.

Ultrain Developer Kit

1) Publish “Ultrain Developer’s Manual” and “Ultrain Dapp Access Specification” as well as the most complete API documents in the history. Please stamp the most complete API documents in the history of hyperbrain for details.

2) UltrainOne adds batch transfer and contract call access interface requests;

3) Cona adds contract call access interface request, version updates to version 1.0.3.

Ultrain’s Latest Community & Event Update

Emma, the goddess of the Ultrain, was invited to Davos in the summer

In early July, the goddess Emma was invited to attend the Summer Davos Forum held in Dalian this year. She has conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges with many South African heavy visitors, strengthened cooperation with Africa, reached phased results with key African partners, further business landing cooperation for Ultrain and global ecological development. The exhibition laid a solid foundation!

Ultrain landing on Binance DEX!

Ultrain Binance DEX! Ultrain and Binance DEX share a common interest in fostering a truly decentralized and community-oriented platform that CARES about innovation, enablement, business and users, and will work together to build a more meaningful ecosystem.

After two days of intensive development and rigorous testing, the Ultrain team officially realized the two-way transformation of BEP2 and ERC20! The masses of users to change the page https://ultrain.io/ugasbnb operations, for details, please read carefully into guidance, hope can help you more friendly and convenient to trade.

Ultrain strongly supports Binance charity activities

On July 3rd, Ultrain strongly supported the Binance charity # pink coin # project to care for the physical health of African girls and called on all community members to join us to deliver love and strength!

Nasdaq Asia Pacific chairman and his delegation visited Ultrain and spoke highly of it

On July 11th, Bob McCooey, nasdaq Asia Pacific chairman/senior vice President of capital market and new listing business, Hao Yusheng, nasdaq China chief representative, and Wang Danwei, nasdaq China representative visited Ultrain, which was the only blockchain project visited by them in China. McCoy said in the exchange, nasdaq began to invest and research and development of internal block chain technology since the beginning of 2014, and has its own block chain technology solutions for trading and other infrastructure, which has been provided to exchanges in many countries. They attach great importance to the blockchain technology and commend Ultrain for its leading position, progress and high degree of internationalization in the world. In addition, he outlined the opportunities and methods for such innovative technology companies to list on nasdaq in the future, saying that he will continue to vigorously support the development of high-quality cutting-edge technology companies like Ultrain in China.

Ultrain goddess Emma& chief architect successfully held 100,000 AMA in Binance community

On the evening of July 11, Ultrain was invited to host a Ask me anything conference at the Binance DEX Telegram community. Ultrain co-founder Emma liao zhiyu and chief architect Shen Yufeng interacted online and in the community, with more than 8,000 people participating and submitting hundreds of questions. The q&a was broadcast live to many communities including Ultrain, Binance and English, covering more than 100,000 people.

Ultrain Mars finance creates Super Star

On July 12, Ultrain and Mars finance announced that in order to further strengthen the landing block chain technology can assign the real economy, leading industry is energy development together, the two sides will coordination resources jointly launched a six-month long international developer to recruit the scope of competition — super star plan, and will be invited to the 12 top global higher-ups in looking for high quality projects and selection.

Twitter’s prize campaign continues

Ultrain has issued the latest award activity, and will continue to hold the award activity from time to time. Members of the community are welcome to follow the official Twitter of Ultrain (@ultrainb) to get the activity information, and actively interact with us!

The above is the progress report of Ultrain from July 1st to July 14th, looking forward to more exciting contents after that!


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Decentralized Engine for the Future

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