Ultrain is Offering One Million RMB (150,000 USD) to Dapp Developers Through the Hypernova Dapp Competition

We are introducing the Hypernova Dapp Competition to encourage developers to build a series of innovative and robust Dapps operating on Ultrain.

Hypernova is a series of competitions for DApp developers. We are offering one million RMB for the first competition happening at the end of June 2019. We’ve invited top-notch developers, company executives, VC investors, and blockchain experts globally to join our DApp committee. The committee will examine the developer teams in terms of technology, products, and business use case.

As a leader of blockchain development focused on building the infrastructure for trusted computing, Ultrain is committed to cultivating a comprehensive ecosystem and providing trusted, secure, efficient, and cost-effective distributed computing services to both businesses and individuals.

The Hypernova initiative is dedicated to building DApps with the highest quality by connecting top-notch developers, company executives, and VC investors.

Timeline for Hypernova Dapp Initiative:

• [June] Summer Camp: One Million RMB award for 30 teams

• [Aug] Fall Camp: Awards will be allocated to winning teams

• [Oct] Winter Camp: Awards will be allocated to winning teams

• [Dec] The Hypernova Ceremony: Connecting the Top 3 DApp team with top investors

At the end of the year 2019, Ultrain will connect the most talented developer teams to top investors in both China and overseas.

*Please note that DApp team that did not receive a reward from Summer Camp are eligible for Fall and Winter camps.

• Step1: Participant submits their DApp through Ultrain official website Participants in the Hypernova initiative can submit their DApp through Ultrain official website. The Hypernova page will soon be released.

Step2: Ultrain DApp team’s execute initial evaluation: The developers from Ultrain will exam the completeness and functionality of the DApp and test if it runs smoothly on Ultrain, as well as following up with further updates from the project.

• Step3: Ultrain DApp Committee evaluates winning DApp Projects: The Investment Committee is consisting of the world’s top VC investors and blockchain experts, they will help Ultrain to select the winning teams based on technology, products design, and business use case.

Step4: Ceremony: The awards will be given to all winning teams in a ceremony.

BEST Part — Awards!

Based on the Ultrain’s existing business model, 10% of the enterprise service revenue will be used for DApp development, and effectively be the financial source for the rewards presented in the Hypernova Initiative.

• The Hypernova Award: 300,000 RMB for the ultimate winning team

• First Tire Award: 70,000 RMB for each of the winning team (5 Teams)

• Second Tire Award: 40,000 RMB for each of the winning team ( 5 Teams)

• Third Tire Award: 20,000 RMB for each of the winning team ( 5 Teams)

• Outstanding Participants Award: Airdrop to 15 DApp teams that develops quality DApps.

Please note that each participant will have free access to Ultrain’s trust computing service (worth 500,000 RMB) when they choose to enter the Hypernova Initiative.

For more detail, please stay tuned for Ultrain’s upcoming official website update. Which will include detailed guidance on Hypernova. Visit out webpage at https://ultrain.io.