Welcome to Australia, Ultrain!

Ultrain has officially touched down in Australia, sponsoring and featuring at Sydney’s biggest blockchain hackathon last month.

Sydney Blockathon 2018 on 23–25 November was the Ultrain team’s first official event down under. It was organised by bitfwd, one of Sydney’s largest blockchain communities, and it drew blockchain enthusiasts from all over Australia.

Ultrain CTO Ning Li and Ultrain Senior Technology Specialist Bingying Wang travelled from China to Australia to meet the Sydney community and share Ultrain’s powerful technology. They spent the weekend discussing technical aspects of Ultrain, helping teams learn about the company’s developer tools, and eating pizza.

Joined by representatives of other well-known blockchain projects, such as NEM, Consensys and Tenzorum, the event was a resounding success.

Record numbers at bitfwd’s blockathon!

Twelve teams of entrepreneurs, coders and innovators, backed by blockchain mentors, battled it out for first place — a prize of $5000 and 5000 UGAS.

The event was kicked off by an introduction from the bitfwd team. Bingying Wang then greeted attendees on behalf of Ultrain and announced the additional prize of 5000 UGAS for the winner. Bonus prizes were offered to any project that developed a solution using Ultrain. Teams were formed and the hack began.

Day 2

The day began with an air of excitement as teams set about bringing blockchain solutions to life.

Bingying ran a morning workshop introducing Ultrain’s developer tools and Robin framework. Attendees were educated on the ease that Ultrain’s development environment can be installed, how to deploy smart contracts to Ultrain’s test net, and a simple explanation of RPOS, an innovative consensus mechanism.

Introducing the Ultrain developer’s stack

Bingying also let slip that Ultrain’s desktop development environment, Longclaw, was named after Jon Snow’s famous sword in Game of Thrones. He must be a fan of the show — just as programmers in attendance were fans of Ultrain’s easy-to-deploy environment.

Teams were focused on their core mission, however — building blockchain tech. The Ultrain team and other mentors supported the hackers by answering questions on a wide range of issues, from technical smart-contract deployment to conceptual ecosystem design.

Day 3

Crunch time! All teams presented their ideas to a panel of judges, who put teams to the test by asking difficult questions. There was an excellent cross-section of projects, such as those aiming to create novel games and to develop user interfaces for blockchain wallets — and one seeking to solve homelessness. Congratulations to all teams involved for their inspiring ideas and clever approaches.

The winner of the blockathon was Kendrick Tan, a talented young developer from Queensland, who created the Zero Knowledge Relay, a toolkit to help streamline the use of Zk-Snarks which will help with voting without revealing one’s identity, anonymous prize collection and more.

Kendrick walked away with $5000, 5000 UGAS, and warm congratulations from Ning Li and the Ultrain team!

Proud winner Kendrick Tan (centre), holding his prized Ultrain mascot

Proud winner Kendrick Tan (centre), holding his prized Ultrain mascot

There was strong competition across the 72-hour competition, which bodes well for the blockchain space in Australia. This competitiveness was balanced by a strong positive energy and atmosphere. New friends were made, valuable connections established and support for the grassroots blockchain movement solidified.

Ultrain was pleased to be a part of such a successful event. It marks the start of an exciting relationship between the company and the Australian blockchain community, which Ultrain is committed to supporting. On behalf of Ultrain, thank you for having us!

Callan Sarre

Ultrain Community Manager

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