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Success Tokens: An Incentive Aligned Way for VC Funds to Invest in DAOs

UMA Success Tokens Provide a “Series B” Option for Crypto Investors

A Place for VCs in Crypto

I recently spoke with a crypto VC who stated

“There are no Series B deals in crypto.”

What he meant is that a typical crypto project will launch a token after their seed or Series A deal, leaving a later stage investor with no option for a private investment. Instead, that investor will have to negotiate an investment in publicly traded tokens with the DAO that controls a project’s treasury.

So we engineered a solution: Success Tokens.

“Success tokens” are two tokens wrapped in one: a project token with a call option on that token.

Instead of paying the VC investor a bonus upfront (in the form of a discount), the success token pays the VC investor a bonus only if good things happen. In fact, VCs will have doubled exposure as the price rallies. It’s a win-win.

An example for $SUSHI:

  • Create a “success token” that combines 1 $SUSHI and 1 $25 strike $SUSHI call option
  • Sell the success token at current $SUSHI price (not at a discount)
  • This success token expires in X years (let’s say 2 years)
  • At expiry, the token is redeemable for 1 $SUSHI + the value of the $25 strike call option (paid in $SUSHI)

Next Steps

Success tokens offer an alternative way for DAOs to diversify their treasury and sell tokens to VC investors in an incentive aligned way (no discount).



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