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Umami — Importing Recovery Phrases of Various Lengths

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Supporting Various Seed Phrase Lengths

In order to facilitate easier and broader adoption, we have added since v0.3.5 support for various recovery phrase lengths: 12, 15 or 24 words.

This enables Umami to import secrets from all other Tezos wallets (that we know of).

Use recovery phrases in various lengths

How does this work?

Recovery phrases are one of the recommended ways of backing up your wallet’s secret (which generate your private keys that allow you to control your funds).

This is achieved by using a longstanding standard: BIP39, which prescribe a method of generating a “brainwallet” which is a more human-friendly representation of the private key (which is usually represented as a very long and unintelligible series of letters and numbers).

The original standard allows several recovery phrase lengths, but in general, the Tezos ecosystem has largely adopted the 24 word-length recovery phrase.

What’s the issue?

Some wallets have made use of other phrase lengths and whilst most wallets use a predefined word length, Umami support the importing of various phrase lengths. Therefore, making use of the same secret in Umami as your other wallets is possible regardless of which wallet you‘ve exported your recovery phrase.

How do I Import?

During your first installation of Umami, you will be guided through the import process if you select it.

However, at any other point, you can still import an additional secrets (i.e. a set of keys/accounts) in the “Management View.”

See the Management View button on the right

Once in the “Management View,” the “Import” button brings you to the entry form for a recovery phrase.

See the Import button on the left

From this point, it is simply about entering the words that compose the recovery phrase.

… and there you have it! Your accounts are now available.

Our Commitment

Team Umami’s commitment is to always looking for ways to improve our users’ experience, whilst providing a feature-rich, powerful application.

Stay tuned for additional releases in Umami (which is still Beta).



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Samuel Bourque

Samuel Bourque

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