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Lucidity clinches Silver in IAB MIXX AWARDS

A win for Lucidity is a win for Umbrella Network! Last week, Lucidity and partners Samsung and Space Agency managed to bag Silver in the IAB MIXX Marketing and Interactive Excellence Awards. The awards are a recognition for the best digital cases of the year evaluated based on 4 domains: Digital Communication, Digital Media, Digital Marketing Technology, Digital Design & UX.

We’re very proud and honored to be working with the great team at Space Agency and Samsung on this. Together, we partnered to eliminate waste in programmatic advertising.

With Lucidity’s solutions, the team managed to bypass breakages and failures in the programmatic supply chain which empowered Samsung with data driven insights to avoid wasting over 30% of its media budget.

With the technology to evaluate each impression and its pathway through the supply chain, Lucidity provides more transparency and visibility to maximize scale with confidence. This makes Samsung’s advertising budget more efficient and effective in driving real business outcomes. This is all done while maintaining Samsung’s privacy and data protection.

This win is not only a testament to what Lucidity has achieved as a company, but more importantly, shows us the power of Blockchain.

What does this mean for us?

This prestigious award shines a spotlight on the benefits of transparency that Lucidity’s marketing oracle delivers. Transparency unlocks a power that digital advertising has longed for — specifically, insights to avoid fraud and waste.

Blockchain has always been more than Bitcoin. It’s an infrastructure that creates supply chain transparency in industries where trust is hard to find. We’ve been inspired by the opportunity this technology affords to finally solve some of the industry’s biggest problems and bring trust back to advertising.

When millions upon millions of data points are flying around, in this case ads, it’s critical to have a reliable source of truth in understanding what is actually happening.

Developed markets are intensely preyed on by fraudsters. In enterprise industries like marketing and advertising, data is plentiful, but organizing the mass of data into usable insights can be overwhelming. Lucidity efficiently and effectively solves this problem.

A top priority for Umbrella Network is identifying enterprise use cases where oracles are monetizable value-adds. Lucidity is a great example.

We are so proud and excited to share this win with our community and look forward to many more!




Umbrella Network is a decentralized oracle for dApps to get data across different blockchains, at the lowest price, for 1800+ data pairs, with the most frequently updated data. Our other products include — Bridge, Options Pricing Data, Staking Portal, and more!

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