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Umbrella Network AMA w/ChainWars: Recap

This week, Jordi Murset, CEO at ChainWars, and Jan Hendriks, Content Manager at ChainWars were invited for an AMA in the Umbrella Network Telegram Channel to answer questions from the community.

At: Umbrella Network Telegram Channel

On: Wednesday, 23rd February 2022|Time: 2:00 PM UTC

Umbrella is a scalable, community-owned oracle that securely brings external data on-chain. It is the first decentralized oracle service to empower the community with the scale and security modern DeFi applications require.

The transcript is almost entirely in its original AMA form, mildly edited for punctuation and readability only.

*** AMA starts ***


Q1. First of all, please introduce yourself to us. How and when did you start? Describe your roles in ChainWars?

Jordi Murset: We are a team of ambitious entrepreneurs who share a common interest (understatement) in crypto. Our professional backgrounds differ a lot. We utilize this as best as we can in ChainWars.

We started in June 2021. When the concepts of P2E, the decentralization of a game, and its economy and metaverse hit us, we were instantly interested. We started to orient in the existing projects that tried to implement these concepts. Then, we started to do research into their strengths and weaknesses and thus we formed the humble beginnings of our project.

Q2. Can you briefly describe what ChainWars is?

Jordi Murset: ChainWars is a space-themed, refreshing, and ambitious GameFi project, driven by innovation and community! It combines the concepts of a trading card game and blockchain technology, offering new ways of interacting with in-game assets. NFTs serve as in-game cards and are tradeable on an NFT marketplace. This makes you a true owner of all obtained assets!

Q3. What were the initial thoughts behind the project?

Jordi Murset: Everyone in our core team has an affinity with gaming. When the concept of P2E was brought to our attention, we were immediately interested. We can best define our motivation by sharing our vision and mission:

We value the decentral identity of crypto. We don’t see why people should, in most cases without realizing, relinquish the largest part of the essential monetary worth of possessions. We believe that the involvement of the entire community is fundamental for maintaining an ecosystem.

By gradually decentralizing ChainWars, we give freedom and ownership of the project to the community in a responsible way. We will set boundaries when they are needed, with the greater goal of building a healthy ecosystem within an enjoyable, innovative and ever-evolving metaverse.

Q4. What is the current development progress of ChainWars?

Jan Hendriks: We are near release of the beta version of ChainWars its core game mode: The trading card game itself. The success of this target is our highest priority as this includes the blockchain connection, giving NFTs their rather unique use case.

Q5. Partnerships are one of the important factors for every project. Could you name some of ChainWars partners/investors?

Jordi Murset: For development: The Wise Minds, Midgard Technologies and a team of remotely working freelance illustrators.

  • Incubators and investors: Launchzone, Moonlift, Booster, Château Crypto.
  • Marketing: BSCNews, BSCTimes, BSCDaily, Cryptovergelijken.
  • Auditers: Hacken and Solidproof
  • Wallet providers: Hyperpay and Ontowallet

And of course, our latest partner Umbrella Network for layer 2 data which is essential.

Before we move to the next question…

If you haven’t done so already, please join ChainWars Telegram group here:

And follow them on Twitter at: @ChainWarsgg

Q6. What part do NFTs play within your project? How are they unique?

Jan Hendriks: ChainWars NFTs distinguish themselves by being more than just NFTs, as they are usable in ChainWars’ tradable card game! This secures a long-term use case, a key factor that cosmetic NFTs lack. The value of NFTs will most likely be affected by the rarity of the NFT, but also the success of the game.

Q7. How is the digital collectible card game different from others?

Jordi Murset: Just like we compared the strengths & weaknesses of our more direct GameFi competition, we did the same thing with comparable games (other DCCG’s). We try to give a unique twist to our game by combining some existing components and also adding our own twist. Visually, the game is completely unique thanks to the amazing designs contributed by our artists.

Q8. Please briefly describe the tokenomics model of ChainWars.😊

Jan Hendriks: According to our analysis, a common nemesis for similar projects is a lack of utility. ChainWars counters this issue by providing $CWE with lots of use cases. These use cases consist of all our supportive products and services.

Our tokenomics are rewarding for long-term holders and investors of both time and funds. Infinite Loop Protocol makes sure that shares of all transactions on our platform are to be sent towards reward pools within our Treasury, to eventually be given back to the community. This remains a low token supply, positively influencing the price.

Q9. Where can we find out more about ChainWars? Can you share with us all your social media links?

Jan Hendriks:

Here you can find all our social links

Q10. What are the biggest milestones ChainWars achieved so far and what are the biggest upcoming targets?🙂

Jordi Murset: The biggest milestones so far are establishing fundamental partnerships and a firm support base, release of $CWE/ChainWars Essence, release of the website, release of the cinematic teaser trailer and last but not least, release of ChainWars alpha.


Cinematic Teaser Trailer: Youtube

The biggest upcoming targets are the release of ChainWars beta, Loot Boxes and NFT Marketplace. For a detailed roadmap, follow this link

Alright everyone, we’ll be moving to the second section of the AMA which is the live session but before that, do you have any important information that you might not have mentioned earlier? 😉

Jan Hendriks: We have the very first kick-off NFT sale coming up in March. Keep posted to our channels for the unique chance of obtaining the strongest decks in the game right from the start!


Q1. Can the NFTs be bought separately or how do you offer them?

Jan Hendriks: The initial Loot Box sale provides buyers with two options. Both options differ in price and contents (odds of rarity). One thing both Loot Boxes have in common is that they contain a guaranteed amount of 4 NFTs/game cards. So, to answer your question, NFTs cannot be bought separately from Loot Boxes. For this, you’d have to find the particular card you’re looking for on the NFT marketplace.

Q2. Who is your tough competitor in this space?

Jan Hendriks: We have a few competitors in the GameFi space. It’s also a growing amount, since GameFi is drawing more and more attention. ChainWars will distinguish itself from a few factors: unique designs created by passionate artists, a sustainable tokenomic model and a gameplay that will suit a large audience within the gaming community.

Q3. Does Chainwars plan to expand to more Blockchains as the project evolves? Having infrastructure on multiple chains seems like a smart way to attract all kinds of players.

Jordi Murset: Yes! We are planning to integrate Avax, DOT, and Poly in the near future. we build our smart contracts in a way that allows for easy multichain integration

Q4. What will be the starting price of your NFTs loot boxes?

Jan Hendriks: The starting price for buying Loot Boxes is approximately $5, - worth of $CWE (slightly influenced by fluctuations).

Q5. In terms of security, how secured is your platform considering all the recent hacks here and there?

Jordi Murset: We collaborate with a professional blockchain development company: Midgard Technologies. This company has worked on several successful crypto projects and they also fulfill tasks such as security audits for (to name one example). Last but not least, we audit our smart contracts via third (and independent) parties.

To monitor security, we also have in-house IT specialists.

***AMA Concluded***

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