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Umbrella Network AMA w/ MoonieNFT: Recap

This week, Michal Szachno, MoonieNFT co-Founder was invited for an AMA in the Umbrella Network Telegram Channel to answer questions from the community.

: Umbrella Network Telegram Channel

: Thursday. 10th March 2022 |: 2:00 PM UTC

Umbrella is a scalable, community-owned oracle that securely brings external data on-chain. It is the first decentralized oracle service to empower the community with the scale and security modern DeFi applications require.

The transcript is almost entirely in its original AMA form, mildly edited for punctuation and readability only.

*** AMA starts ***


Sure, my name is Michal. I am the Co-founder of the and have been involved in the blockchain and crypto markets for several years now. I am also very excited to answer your questions about the project and platform.

With a pleasure 🙂

The Moonie NFT project is a collection of 100% usable NFTs that give you access to our interactive play-to-earn platform known as the Moonieverse. In the Moonieverse you can play games, win prizes, earn yield, and participate in price races between your favorite cryptocurrencies.

With features such as The Research Lab, Price races, and Arcade Games, the Moonieverse is jam packed with interactive and fun activities where you’re able to play with your Moonie and earn big rewards!

One of our most exciting features is the $100k grand prize price race to the Moon where you can board a rocket that you think will hit its price target first and earn rewards along the way, with the 100k grand prize winner selected amongst participants of the winning rocket!

We hope to revolutionize the NFT play-to-earn experience by building a platform that sets the new standard for gamified yield generation and play-to-earn gaming.

Who does not love the old school pixel art style? 😅

We saw the reaction to some of the 8-bit artwork like Punks, we decided that we wanted to go in a similar direction. The 8-bit world is both cute, interesting, and representative of our space.

We saw the reaction to some of the 8-bit artwork like Punks, we decided that we wanted to go in a similar direction. The 8-bit world is both cute, interesting, and representative of our space.

What’s most important to understand is that many people think that 8-bit artwork is simple and easy. It’s actually the opposite. 8-bit art has to be done pixel by pixel.

That’s where our experience with - our core partner, running creative agency become one of our biggest strengths. Where one project may take weeks to develop their artwork, we can cut that to days, sometimes hours!

At first, we did not introduce the dual token economy which is being really popular across the p2e industry. It always ends with the creation of some kind of the “ponzinomics” with breeding or farming.

We have chosen a way of working with users yield-bearing deposits and gamifiy the process so the rewards are getting generated with the work of the protocol.

We are also bringing and in form of arcade games and space missions (nft staking) 🙂

Umbrella Network will stand at the core of the Moonieverse playing a huge part in smooth Moonchest opening. Umbrella Network $MNY and $BNB price feeds will be used in Moonchest opening.

Setting up our own price feed serves many benefits for the project. As Moonchest price is denominated in dollars and the price of the underlying asset is constantly changing there is a need for such a feed to dynamically adjust the number of tokens being paid by users.

We are very excited going forward with this partnership leading to a massive improvement in user experience in the Moonieverse using Umbrella Network!


Originally we wanted to take advantage of the NFT craze and do something really fun and unique. With Lukasz’s background in creative and mine in pure Defi, the decision was to make all NFTs on the platform usable and to create an engaging environment where NFTs could do more than just sit there and look beautiful.

But our Moonies are also very beautiful 😉

It is as easy as visiting and signing up with your wallet. All relevant data should be accessible there 🙂

Yes, to get a moonie you can open a so-called “Moonchest”.

1st collection is already sold out but the second one can still be purchased and contains moonies representing 3 cryptocurrencies named Solie, Dottie and Cardie 🙂

Of course Moonie NFTs are also listed on OpenSea (you can buy them already sold out collections) and can be found here:

Actually, this is one of our points of interest right now as we are developing more educational content about the Moonieverse as a whole as well make sure everybody can easilly start to interact with our soultions 🙂

Plan for the upcoming year definitely include the collection, which only our core community is aware of for the time being… but also onboarding more and more players and generating more rewards for them in the product called Research Lab!

Sure, thanks for hosting the AMA here today. Looking forward to adding more and more topics that are being worked on in the near future!

***End of AMA***

About Umbrella Network

Umbrella Network is a scalable, cost-efficient, and community-owned oracle for the DeFi and blockchain community. Its Layer 2 technology uses the latest advances in Merkle tree technology to write multiple data points on a single on-chain transaction, so it allows for batching data to smart contracts accurately, securely, and inexpensively.

Umbrella believes a community-owned oracle is not only possible but essential to creating a truly decentralized financial system.

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Umbrella Network is a decentralized oracle for dApps to get data across different blockchains, at the lowest price, for 1800+ data pairs, with the most frequently updated data. Our other products include — Bridge, Options Pricing Data, Staking Portal, and more!

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