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Umbrella Network Monthly Recap: April 2022

We enter the second quarter of the year on a high note, as always — with new partnerships, a launch on the Solana Mainnet, plenty of AMAs, and a whole lot of media coverage

Umbrella Network April Recap

Umbrella Network Announcements

Umbrella Network Went LIVE on the Solana Mainnet

Umbrella Network is now live on the Solana Mainnet — the 6th Blockchain network to be natively supported by us in addition to Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Avalanche.

Umbrella Network Went LIVE on the Solana Mainnet

This mainnet launch is Umbrella Network’s first mainnet launch on a non-EVM-Compatible chain. This will enable the dApps on Solana, one of the fastest-growing layer 1 ecosystems of 2021–22, to access and receive accurate and decentralized data directly in their smart contracts.

With over 4000+ supported data pairs, our decentralized oracle, the largest in the world by transaction volume, now brings our hallmark speed, accuracy, cost-effectiveness, and scalability to Solana dApps.

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John spoke with Cointext about Solana Mainnet Launch

“Our main competitive advantage compared to other oracles is our ability to aggregate data via a Layer 2 solution using Merkle Trees. This allows us to bring thousands of data points to the blockchain in a single transaction, whereas other oracles can only bring one data point per transaction. The other way can be incredibly expensive, slow, and burdensome.”

— John Chen

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Polar Stream 2.0 Went Live

Umbrella Network’s Polar Stream is an ETH-UMB or BNB-UMB LP token staking pool.

Staking Portal Link:

Umbrella Ecosystem: Lucidity Update April 2022

Lucidity is the leading blockchain-based digital advertising oracle. Their unique technology processes advertising-related data — in the form of impressions, clicks, and more — across several steps in the digital ad supply chain.

Lucidity has processed hundreds of millions of ad impressions and has identified wasted impressions for its customers, saving them time and money and informing their ad buying strategies.

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Umbrella Network’s Token Burn Live Event

A vote on whether to burn 1mn $UMB tokens came back with an overwhelming 70% Yes from the community.

Umbrella network carried through and burned the tokens live in front of the whole community.

In case you missed it, watch it on Youtube | Twitter

Umbrella Network’s Earth Day Giveaway

To commemorate Earth Day with the community, the Umbrella Network held a giveaway where 5 people won 200 $UMB each.

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Umbrella Network’s Partnerships

Umbrella Network Announces Partnership with REV3AL

Umbrella Network is pleased to announce a partnership with REV3AL — an NFT Authentication and Digital Asset Verification company. This partnership will explore opportunities in data related to nfts and verification in a simplified and intuitive manner.

To help solve the problem of on-chain data insufficiency, REV3AL has partnered up with Umbrella Network (that’s us!) to serve as the exclusive oracle partner. As a decentralized oracle available across 6 different blockchain networks (Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Avalanche. Optimism, and Solana), Umbrella Network makes available 3000+ data pairs available directly into smart contracts.

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Umbrella Network Announced Partnership with Vera

Umbrella Network is pleased to announce a partnership with VERA — a Solana-based project that has built VERA Currency with the objective of creating erosion-proof digital assets of everlasting, undiminished value.

VERA is Umbrella Network’s first Solana-based partner, joining our oracle ecosystem within days of our launch on Solana mainnet.

Umbrella Network and VERA have engaged in a partnership to support VERA’s goals of building a strong portfolio in the DeFi space using a wide spectrum of data. With this partnership, Umbrella Network will make validated, secure data available to VERA to power up its synthetic currency.

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Umbrella Network Announced Partnership with Alpha Hunt

Alpha Hunt Club is a community of crypto investors looking for long-term partnerships with young blockchain companies to help accelerate their growth.

Under this partnership, Umbrella Network shall serve as the data provider oracle for the portfolio companies of Alpha Hunt, across the entire spectrum, from due diligence to launching with critical data/oracle solutions.

Umbrella Network shall also add the price feeds of these portfolio companies as Layer-2 data (L2D) made available via our decentralized oracle.

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Umbrella Network Announced Partnership with Kommunitas

Umbrella Network is pleased to announce a partnership with Kommunitas — a decentralized, tierless launchpad built to support projects across multiple blockchain networks.

“We are excited to engage in a partnership with Umbrella Network. Umbrella’s reliable data solutions are a powerful means to fuel our ongoing launch efforts. Kommunitas will be able to access $KOM price data and similar support for each of our partners. Umbrella’s decentralized data feeds are instrumental in our journey as a premium launchpad.”

— Robbie Jeo, CEO of Kommunitas

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Umbrella Network Partnership with Veritree

Veritree and Umbrella join forces to tackle the scaling of global reforestation efforts through verified planting data.

To celebrate Earth Day, Umbrella Network announced our support of veritree, the restoration platform that connects mission-driven companies with verified nature-based solutions.

In alignment with Umbrella’s vision to bring the world’s data on-chain — spanning multiple blockchains and multiple data categories — we recognized a great fit in veritree’s mission to drive reforestation with real, verified tree planting made possible by innovative blockchain solutions.

In this regard, Umbrella Network planted 100 trees for each one of its partners.

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Umbrella Network Blogs

5 Solana Projects You’ll Want to Explore

As Umbrella Network welcomed Solana as our 6th chain available in our multi-chain oracle ecosystem, we have been excitedly discussing projects in the Solana ecosystem we are excited about, intrigued by, or have simply heard a lot about.

Read on the projects here

Blockchain and Clean Energy: 5 Companies that are Changing the Future

Blockchain technologies are rewriting the playbook for green businesses.

Some are creating new business models and platforms that make it easier to finance and invest in clean energy projects, providing opportunities that simply weren’t within reach before.

Others are creating transparency and accountability around the use of clean energy resources or around real-world reforestation for example. These innovations are important for both businesses and consumers who want to make sure that their investments have a positive, measurable impact.

Read on the companies here

Umbrella Network’s AMAs in April

AMA Recap w/Cryptovergelijken

This week, Luc Hendriks, Cryptovergelijken CFO was invited for an AMA in the Umbrella Network Telegram Channel to answer questions from the community.

“The prospect of the partnership with Umbrella Network is very promising, as Cryptovergelijken is provided with an enormous amount of data pairs for listing price feeds on all relevant platforms. And last but not least, there’s lots of space for further expanding the partnership by implementing more of the unchallengeable features that Umbrella Networks offers.”

— Luc Hendriks, Cryptovergelijken CFO.

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Umbrella Network AMA w/ Kommunitas Community

Umbrella Network’s Strategic Partnerships & Business Development Manager, Joel Bergeron was recently invited for an AMA by the Kommunitas community to answer questions from the community

“Our broader goal is to drive the cost of data to as close to zero as possible. When data is almost free and easily accessible, there is an opportunity for true innovation. When applications can’t get the data they need, it will stifle development. How can you build an Uber on the blockchain if you can’t get up-to-date geolocation information on-chain, or be able to handle 5 million concurrent users at once given the massive amount of data processing? These things are still a challenge for the industry today, but it will change as overall throughput improves, and more volumes.”

— Joel Bergeron

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Umbrella Network Presents at KCC Youtube Livestream

Umbrella’s Strategic Partnerships & BD Lead Joel Bergeron will be presenting alongside fellow oracles Witnet and Nest.

Link: YouTube

Autobahn Network & Umbrella Network Partnership Twitter Spaces

‘Our major differentiator when it comes to brain data on-chain is that we aggregate data before we bring that data on-chain. So, doing that allows us to provide a much higher, larger scalability compared to other oracles in the ecosystems today. And then we write, Merkle Root hash as a unique representation of all the data onto the layer when blockchain. But that process means. There’s a little friction to get the data because any app would need to fetch the data. Through an API and then use a miracle proof to verify that data before they can use it. So that would mean for any application that there needs to be some smart contract code that needs to be written and then that data needs to be, you know, kind of fetched.’

— John Chen

Listen to the recording

Umbrella Network Media Features

Joel attended #PBWS2022

Joel met with the amazing #COTI team at #PBWS2022! and discussed Umbrella Network’s upcoming support of #Cardano and data/oracles. 🤓

About Umbrella Network

Umbrella Network is a scalable, decentralized, and community-owned oracle that utilizes Layer 2 technology to integrate real-time data into smart contracts for accurate and timely reports. Umbrella Network brings the world’s data to blockchains to enable DeFi applications to perform at the optimum level regarding precise information dissemination. It believes a decentralized oracle is paramount to creating a truly decentralized financial space.

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