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Umbrella Network Monthly Recap: September

We’re proud to present to you a snapshot of the month that just went by. This is Umbrella Network’s zeitgeist for the month of September.

Umbrella Network Monthly Recap: September Edition

Umbrella Network made a lot of long strides in September. Plenty of announcements, lots of media coverage, and a whole lot of love from the community.

Umbrella Network Announcements

Umbrella Network’s Ethereum Mainnet Launch [01/10/21]

Umbrella Network is now available across two of the largest Blockchains by dApps in the ecosystem — Binance Smart Chain, and now, Ethereum!

“Umbrella Network’s mainnet launch on Ethereum means that we’ve deployed our smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain so that Ethereum-based dApps can communicate with Umbrella Network code in the live environment — requesting and getting data that is reliable, comprehensive, and cost-effective.”

Read the full ANN post here

Check our ETH data feeds here

Umbrella Network Acquires Lucidity [23/09/21]

Clearly, the biggest Announcement of the month was the acquisition of AD-tech giant — Lucidity by Umbrella Network.

In a deal that was valued in the tens of millions of dollars, the Lucidity acquisition also earned us valuable clients such as KFC, Samsung, Saatchi and Saatchi, Hyundai, and Toyota, among other such behemoths.

Once the acquisition is completed, Umbrella Network would emerge as the largest oracle in the world, by transaction volume!

Also decided in the Community Council meeting was the elevation of John Chen’s and Sam Goldberg’s roles to that of Presidents of Umbrella Network while Miguel Morales was elected as the Chief Technical Officer.

  • Read Sam Kim’s thoughts behind the acquisition here
  • Read the ANN post here
  • Read the Coindesk coverage here
  • Read about the unanimous approval by the Community Council here
  • Read the Internal AMA Recap Sam Kim and John Chen here

Watch the Umbrella Network TableTalks Episode 03 with Sam Kim, John Chen, Sam Goldberg, and Miguel Morales

Partnership announcement with IX Swap [14/9/21]

This partnership also marks the point where DeFi innovations have outgrown the possibilities offered by traditional finance and are now becoming truly unique offerings.

Read the full post — (Link)

#ETHOnline Sponsored by Umbrella Network [09/9/21]

Umbrella Network is sponsoring prizes worth $4000 at the event to spur development and innovation on the Ethereum Blockchain.

ETHOnline is a global hackathon and summit series devoted to celebrating what’s possible on Ethereum.

Umbrella Network’s updated Roadmap for Q3-Q4 2021

Umbrella Network shall be truly a natively supporting multi-chain interoperable decentralized oracle. The number of Blockchains supported would have increased to 8 and the number of decentralized apps that can leverage our comprehensive, and cost-effective data feeds that are updated the most frequently of all.

Read full post (Link)

Umbrella Network’s live token burn event [31/8/21]

Following a third-party exploit and a community vote, it was decided that about 1.5M $UMB tokens shall be burnt — not by sending them to a wallet with no private keys! No!

As Eugenio Di Santo (Engineering Manager) and John Chen (Head of Marketing)explained in our live stream, it is better to conduct a true-burn (by calling the function on our smart contract) which also reduces the total supply of tokens!

Umbrella Network’s Token $UMB Token is now Listed on KuCoin [26/09/21]

KuCoin — another major exchange lists $UMB for trading which brings the total number of exchange listings for $UMB to 8.

To commemorate the listing, KuCoin also held a trading competition where $50k in $UMB was up for grabs!

Umbrella Network Media Coverage

John Chen’s AMA with Crypto Royals [02/9/21]

“Our main advantage is our ability to aggregate data via a Layer 2 solution using Merkle trees, thus allowing us to bring thousands of data points to the blockchain in a single transaction, whereas other oracles can only bring one data point per transaction. This advantage allows us to offer data at a significantly lower cost than any other oracle on the market. It also gives us the ability to offer more data than anyone else as well.”

Read full recap — (Link)

##John Chen’s AMA with Satoshi Club [15/09/21]

“We think an oracle must do more than just moving data from one source or multiple sources onto the blockchain. It must also serve as protection by ensuring and securing the data quality and making sure the data isn’t manipulated or corrupted.

We do that with our network of validators and community members. That’s what the nodes represent that make up the umbrella frame in our logo. It’s the community of validators forming our network that protects and ensures data quality.” — John Chen

Read the full recap here.

##John Chen’s AMA with Crypto Titans [21/09/21]

“Currently, we offer all our data feeds for free. We offer 1,200 data feeds, more than any other oracle in the market today. We will have 10,000+ data feeds available before the end of 2021. “ -@J0HNCHEN on the #AMA w/@CryptoTitans1

Read the full recap here

##John Chen’s AMA with Kyros Ventures [24/09/21]

“We are more decentralized because we are able to allow almost anyone from the community to become a validator. Right now, we are taking applications and choosing cohorts, sure, but soon we will open it up so that there will be a lot less of an application process. Pretty much anyone who has basic experience running a cloud server could be a validator.” — John Chen

Read the full recap here

##Featured as a top, up and coming gem by CryptoRainn

## Coverage by Cardano Daily

##Published on HackerNoon

“There are over 10 oracle services in the market today, some live, some on the way. Each of them adds a unique feature to the mix and as with all things in life — there is never a one-size-fits-all scenario that works out in the long run.

The oracles we picked — Chainlink, Umbrella Network, Kylin Network, and DIA protocol, are sufficiently ready, backed by a decent development team, and most importantly — present different architectural features at a fundamental level that helps each of them act as a foil to the others.”

Read the full story here

…And, that’s what we did over the past two weeks. See you again when September ends!!

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