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Umbrella Network’s rUMB1 To UMB Conversion: A Primer

rUMB tokens serve as the reward tokens from Umbrella Network’s staking program. Here’s how they work and what you can do with them

rUMB1 to UMB Conversion Event

When you stake your UMB tokens (either BEP20 or ERC20) on Umbrella Network’s Staking Platform, the rewards that you get, are rUMB tokens.

These rUMB tokens can be redeemed for UMB tokens on a 1:1 basis, on the achievements of certain milestones. The first such milestone was revealed here. This would unlock the ability to redeem rUMB1 to UMB on a 1:1 basis.

The 1 in rUMB1 simply denotes the upcoming achievement milestone/period. For example, if the Umbrella Network staking platform is emitting rUMB1 tokens, it simply means that the upcoming achievement milestone is the first-ever.

Similarly, after the first conversion event is triggered, Umbrella Network’s staking portals will cease generation of rUMb1 and new ones will begin emitting rUMB2 tokens (rUMB tokens are emitted as ERC20 on the ETH network and as BEP20 on the BSC network).

All rUMB tokens, irrespective of whether they’re rUMB1 or rUMB2 or rUMB3, can be exchanged for UMB tokens on a 1:1 basis — after their respective achievement milestones are reached.

The goal of the rUMB token is two-fold. They are distributed to token holders in the community who stake on our Streams as a reward for longer-term holding. They are also meant to pave the ground for the rollout of DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) in the near future where you would be able to earn a share of fees by actively staking in the validator pools.

: All rUMB to UMB conversions will occur only on the Ethereum Blockchain. If you hold rUMB on Binance Smart Chain, you will need to bridge them over to Ethereum before you can claim for UMB.

When the conversion event kicks in, the following will come into play:

  1. Hadley Stream 2.0 and Polar Stream 2.0 will go live and start emitting rUMB2 tokens as staking rewards to those who stake in these two staking pools (post-audit from Certik)
  2. Hadley Stream 1.0 and Polar Stream 1.0 shall cease emitting rUMB1 tokens (when 2.0 streams go live) but continue to be online. If you do not claim/withdraw your UMB and rUMB1 tokens, they’ll safely sit there albeit not earn any staking rewards anymore

Thus, to continue earning rewards, you are advised to claim all your rUMB rewards, unstake your UMB from the 1.0 staking streams, and re-stake them on the 2.0 streams.

These are the options that you can exercise at/after the conversion event:

  • Convert rUMB1 to UMB on a 1:1 basis
  • Stake rUMB1 to get rUMB2

Let’s go over each of them and understand what happens when you choose to exercise either of these options.

Choosing this option shall convert ALL your rUMB1 reward tokens to ERC20 UMB tokens on a 1:1 basis.

The . This means that you can either choose to redeem all of your rUMB tokens for UMB or, none at all, per wallet. (For those holders with amounts larger than the daily quota, you would potentially have to split a smaller amount into a separate wallet to redeem.)

Theoretically, a max of approximately 201,368 rUMB can be converted to UMB in one go. This number was derived by doubling the daily emission rate of rUMB on the ETH network. If you attempt to convert your rUMB1 to UMB and the system tells you that the quota has already been exhausted, you simply need to wait for the quota to replenish.

The at a constant rate until it reaches the limit of approximately 201,368.

This means that if somebody wanted to redeem 202k rUMB, they’d be unable to do so, in one shot, but those looking to convert 1k, 5k, and 10k rUMB would be able to do so easily.

This system will favor smaller wallet holders in the initial period, with the quota trending lower than the max cap as smaller holders claim their tokens.

We’re also launching a Brand new staking vault for those rUMB1 HODLers that do not wish to convert their rUMB1 tokens to UMB tokens — but want to continue generating staking rewards!

The new rUMB1 staking vault comes with a , either 6-month or 12-month, with an APR% Multiplier in effect to provide a premium for those who choose to stake their rewards tokens long-term. Those who stake rUMB1 will receive rUMB2 as the rewards token. The principal staked will remain locked for the chosen period, but the rUMB2 rewards can be claimed at any time.

: To stake rUMB1, you need to have them in your wallet and not pending in the staking pools.


On the day the conversion event is triggered, the current Polar 1.0 and Hadley 1.0 Streams would simply cease to emit rUMB1 tokens. .

It is our suggestion to redeem and re-stake them on the new Polar 2.0 and Hadley 2.0 Streams as those will start emitting rUMB2 rewards so avoid missing out on continued rewards distribution.

So, the key takeaway is, unless you’re stuck on a remote island with no Internet (or if the GAS costs become atrociously ridiculous), you’re better off either

  1. Withdrawing your rUMB1 if you haven’t already done so and redeemed rUMB1 to UMB OR
  2. Staking your rUMB1 into our new lockup rUMB1 lockup vaults to get rUMB2 with a higher APR%.

Since our conversion portal needs to be connected directly with your Metamask (or the other supported wallets), you will need to transfer your UMB to one of these wallets on the ETH network, to be able to trigger the rUMB redemption process

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